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Easy Installation & Maintenance

If there was an award for the ‘most improved player’ in the flooring world, hybrid flooring would take the prize. Hybrid Flooring is one of the fastest installations on the market, is tough and durable, and has multiple style options, with the timber look being one of the more popular choices in Queensland. At Bennetts Carpets, we offer a range of hybrid flooring suited to residential and commercial properties.

Hybrid Flooring is perfectly suited for commercial buildings on a large scale such as schools and hospitals due to its speedy installation, ease of cleaning and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic. For added versatility, it’s also available with a fixed or rolling option.

Hybrid Flooring in Brisbane isn’t just perfect for commercial-scale buildings. Homeowners are recognising the value of it too. Designers are recommending it because it is so versatile due to its timber tone and unobtrusive presence on the visual palette, not to mention it simply fits the price tag of homeowners in the current market.

We stock a wide range of hybrid flooring options from industry-leading suppliers, many of which can be seen in our Cleveland showroom. Our hybrid flooring range in Brisbane is suitable for a wide range of properties and like all our flooring options, it will come with our trust-backed guarantee.

Hybrid Flooring in Brisbane

If you are looking for a cheap alternative to timber flooring, with all the same benefits, then we have a solution. At Bennetts Carpets, our range of hybrid flooring is second to none. If you would like to explore these options further, feel free to get in touch with us. You can reach us through our website if you would like to ask any questions. We also have a custom showroom for your convenience.

Count on Bennetts Carpets:

  • Large range of hybrid flooring
  • Affordable alternative to timber
  • Perfectly replicates the look of natural wood floors
  • Great option for pets or young children
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Specialists in Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid Flooring is renowned for its primary benefit: affordability. Hybrid Flooring comes at just a fraction of the cost associated with conventional timber flooring. Not only do you save money upfront, but you also save in the long term when it comes to upkeep. But how does hybrid flooring compare to timber or vinyl flooring in terms of looks? Hybrid Flooring effectively emulates both the look and feel of timber. In addition to this, it comes in a wide range of designs. This means that you can get the look of almost any hardwood, at a much more affordable price.

At Bennetts Carpets, our hybrid flooring products are designed to be durable, as well as affordable. They resist water well, and they are tough to scratch or dent. This makes them great for high traffic parts of your Brisbane home or business. It is also a great option for homeowners with pets or young children.

The longevity of hybrid flooring is simply unbeatable. It requires very little maintenance, but still lasts for a long time. With our huge variety of beautiful finishes, you will be able to find one that perfectly complements your décor. Simply come down to our showroom and see our range for yourself. Hybrid flooring offers many advantages, including:

  • Water-resistant surfaces that are easy to replace or update
  • Unsurpassed durability, without the need for extensive maintenance
  • It perfectly replicates the appearance of beautiful natural wood floors
  • It is a hard-wearing & economical flooring option for homes & businesses alike

Frequently Asked Questions

Real timber flooring is generally just timber, can be sourced from any number of different trees and it is quite heavy-duty. Hardwood timbers in particular are quite dense, and they can be a challenge to install. Furthermore, they require careful maintenance. Because timber is a natural product, it is prone to deterioration at a higher rate than a lot of other flooring products. It also requires a special finish to protect it against water damage and scratching. Water damage can be a serious issue for real timber flooring, as it absorbs water and can consequently buckle.

Hybrid Flooring, on the other hand, is constructed in layers. The outer layer is an artificial material that is made to be as durable and hardwearing as possible. However, it does not compromise on looks. Hybrid Flooring is imprinted with a textured timber pattern. This is almost indistinguishable from real timber, which means that it looks great. It also comes in a wide variety of colours and textures. This is designed to emulate a variety of different timber ‘species.’ As a result, there is sure to be a hybrid flooring product in our showroom that matches your home’s décor and ambience. The interior of hybrid flooring is usually a resin and fibreboard material. This material is quite lightweight, which makes hybrid flooring a very easy product to install. This saves even more money when it comes time to install your flooring.

A lot of Brisbane homeowners prefer to do DIY projects, rather than getting professional installation services. In a lot of cases, this is a good way to save money and even develop an enjoyable hobby. However, when it comes to installing hybrid flooring, we recommend leaving it to our flooring specialists. Installing flooring of any kind is a very big job. Hybrid Flooring is easier to install than hardwood timber flooring, but it still requires specialist knowledge and equipment. It is absolutely paramount that the flooring is fitted to perfection; otherwise, it risks buckling, warping or even splitting. This can be a real challenge without the right tools and experience.

Here at Bennetts Carpets, our flooring specialists have been working with hybrid flooring for many years. As a result, we are familiar with what it takes to install your hybrid flooring. Our team is well equipped, with the latest in flooring tools and machinery. We can ensure that your hybrid flooring is fitted perfectly, so that you do not risk encountering issues in the future. Flooring is a vital part of your home, and it does cop a lot of strain through everyday wear and tear. This is something that our specialists consider for every job. With a Bennetts Carpets installation, you know that you are getting the best.

Floor sanding is a popular and effective way to restore scratched or damaged timber flooring. It involves using a heavy-duty sander to remove the damaged outer surface layer and reveal the untarnished timber beneath. However, this does not work for hybrid flooring. Hybrid Flooring is not timber, even though it looks almost identical. The outer laminate layer cannot be sanded back to reveal an untarnished inner layer. Beneath the outer laminate, there is only a central core comprised of resin and fibreboard. Sanding your hybrid flooring will probably damage it irreparably. For this reason, it is vital that you do not sand your hybrid flooring.

Fortunately, hybrid flooring is far more scratch resistant that standard timber flooring. The outer layer is designed to be as tough and durable as possible. This means that your hybrid flooring is unlikely to sustain scratches that require repairing. Floor sanding is only necessary to correct scratched timber. This means that if there are no scratches, repairs are simply not necessary.