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Carpet is an extremely versatile flooring option that can transform a tired looking room in your home into a plush retreat in the blink of an eye. Nothing says luxury quite like exquisite carpets matched tastefully to décor. Whether you’re looking for opulence or low-maintenance, Bennetts Carpets in Brisbane can help.

If elegance is not what is on the agenda, carpet can be a great option to spruce up space such as a rental property where your flooring needs to be fresh, but also replaceable. Let’s face it, you never know what will happen in a rental. Low-cost carpet often provides real estate owners with peace of mind knowing that if it gets ruined it’s not going to break your heart or your bank.

Carpet is also a popular choice for high-traffic commercial spaces such as offices and childcare centres. In a working environment, carpet must be durable enough to withstand rolling chairs, the weight of desks, high foot traffic, high heels and all seasons that can be bought into the office on footwear. It needs to be tough, and it needs to be long-lasting. The same goes for day care centres where carpet is often used as flooring due to its durability and for safety, as it provides a softer landing for the little ones. In day care centres, carpets can also be used on the lower section of walls to provide a softer ‘bump space’ for toddlers.

Here at Bennetts, we have been trusted with government projects, commercial spaces and residential homes. Over 95% of the carpets we stock are Australian made and all are from industry leading brands, such as Feltex, Redbook Carpets, Godfrey Hirst Eco, Interface, Beaulieu, Quest Carpets, Tuff Master and Karndean.

Our showroom in Brisbane has a huge range of carpets on display and it is an environment where you can get a feel for your options, get friendly expert advice with no pressure to buy and take your time to understand what carpet option will best suit your needs.

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If you would like to match the perfect carpet to your home, then we can help. Simply get in touch with us through our website today. Our carpeting specialists in Brisbane have a lot of experience working with carpets. As a result, they know what is best suited to different situations. Our team is happy to work with you to establish your needs, before developing a personalised plan to address them. You can see some samples of our carpets in our showroom.

At Bennetts Carpets, we provide:

  • Experienced carpeting specialists
  • A personalised & customer focused approach
  • Quality carpeting services
  • A wide range of carpets to select from
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We Stock the Best Carpets Brisbane has to Offer

At Bennetts Carpets, we provide a service based on professional advice. Our Brisbane carpet specialists have been in the industry for a long time. As a result, they know what works and what doesn’t. Carpets are well suited to more areas of the home than many people think, and our specialists will happily point this out. Carpets provide a stylish look and a much more comfortable feel underfoot. This makes them ideal for dining areas and walkways, as well as bedrooms. Honest advice from our carpet specialists in Brisbane is the best way to achieve peace of mind.

At Bennetts, we strive to build a strong working relationship with our clients, so that they have access to quality carpeting services well into the future. As a part of our dedication to service, we have well-stocked sales vehicles. Our sales vehicles have a wide selection of carpet samples and they provide flexible service to our clients.

Additionally, our experts are fully equipped with precision equipment. This allows us to provide accurate professional advice on measurements. Our approach is centred on quality, and we will work with you to establish the perfect measurements, in line with the floor plans of your home.

Our wide range of carpets in Brisbane includes:

  • Stock loop pile, which retains appearance for longer
  • Solution dyed nylon cut pile carpets, which are fade resistant
  • Stain resistant, hard-wearing carpets & carpet tiles
  • The Eco+ Range from Godfrey Hirst—carpets made from sustainable materials such as sorona polymer, which is sourced from corn sugar & harnessed using sustainable energy

FAQs – Carpets Brisbane

Flood damage can vary in severity and the amount of damage it can cause. Very rarely, you may be able to resurrect your flood damaged carpet. But in a vast majority of situations, you will need to replace it. Floodwaters do significant damage to more than just the carpet alone. The underlay, adhesives and carpet fibres can all sustain damage because of water. This means that it is usually just not feasible to try and restore water damaged carpets. Instead, you should look at your replacement options. Carpet replacement is a great way to restore your floor. It allows you to start again and fit a brand new carpet.

If your carpet is badly water damaged because of a flood, then contact the team at Bennetts Carpets in Brisbane. We have an extensive range of possible replacements for your carpet. Our specialists can assess the damage and provide you with expert advice on how to proceed. If you decide that a replacement is the best course of action, then we can make that happen. At Bennetts Carpets, we are committed to making your situation better, in whatever way we can.

When it comes to choosing a Brisbane carpet, a lot of homeowners overlook the importance of a good underlay. Because it is not visible, many are tempted to go with the cheapest option. But that is not always the best approach. A quality underlay is a vital part of your carpeting project. It will complement the carpet and add to your overall satisfaction. Underlays can add to the underfoot feel of your carpet, making it more cushiony and comfortable to walk on. It can also insulate your home or apartment from noise more effectively. Additionally – and perhaps more importantly – quality underlays act as insulation against the cold. This can even save you money on your heating bill during winter.

So ultimately, it is important that you pay just as much attention to underlays as you do to carpet. But how do you know which one is right? That is where the team here at Bennetts Carpets can help. We have been dealing with carpets for a long time. This includes sourcing and installation of your new carpet in Brisbane. As a result, we know which underlays are good and which are not. We will happily direct you towards the underlays that are better suited to your needs. We value all our clients and endeavour to do everything we can to make your carpeting solution the best it can possibly be.

Like any quality flooring or floor covering, carpets do require some maintenance to remain at their best. But exactly how much is required? Fortunately, not a great deal. The most important thing you can do for your carpet is to vacuum it regularly. Vacuuming removes small particles of dirt and grit, which is vital in terms of keeping the carpet looking fresh. Small particles of dirt can get deep into the fibre of your carpet. The abrasive nature of these particles can gradually erode your carpet fibres and leave it looking worn.

For this reason, frequent vacuuming is a good idea. Periodically, you may also need to shampoo your carpet. The precise nature of care that it needs varies from carpet to carpet. That is why the team here at Bennetts will provide you with a care guide for your specific carpet. This will include care and maintenance instructions, to help keep your carpet at its best well into the future.

Yes, we provide professional carpet installation services for all our products. Our team of experienced installers is equipped to handle various types of carpet installations in Brisbane, ensuring a perfect fit and finish. We take pride in delivering a seamless and hassle-free installation process from start to finish, ensuring your new carpet is laid with precision and care.

Absolutely. We understand the importance of selecting the right carpet for your space, so we offer a comprehensive sampling service. You can visit our showroom to view samples, helping you see how different options look in your home’s lighting and against your current decor. This way, you can make an informed decision with confidence.

Maintaining your carpet is key to ensuring its longevity and appearance. Regular vacuuming removes dirt and prevents particles from embedding in the carpet fibres. Prompt action is crucial for spills—blot liquids with a clean cloth and treat stains according to the carpet manufacturer’s recommendations. Additionally, cleaning your carpet professionally every 12 to 18 months is advisable to prolong its life.

Yes, many of our carpets are designed specifically for high-traffic areas. These carpets are crafted from durable materials and constructed to withstand significant wear and tear. When choosing a carpet for high-traffic zones, consider options with a tight loop or dense pile, which are better suited to heavy usage. Our team can guide you through our range to find a solution that meets your needs without compromising style or comfort.

We stand behind the quality of our carpets with comprehensive warranties that cover various aspects of performance and material integrity. The specifics of the warranty can vary depending on the manufacturer and the carpet style chosen. We provide detailed warranty information with each purchase, ensuring you understand what is covered and for how long, so you can invest with assurance.