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Timber flooring exudes class, style and sophistication while significantly improving the resale value of your property. At Bennetts Flooring in Brisbane, we believe the look and feel that timber creates is absolutely second to none. Not only does timber exude natural energy and effortless beauty, but it is not susceptible to the ravages of time like other flooring. Timber ages gracefully, only increasing in character as the years go on. A properly installed timber floor will outlast the building that it is in.

At Bennetts, we are extremely proud of our timber range as it is a top-quality product, and we love installing it. To meet the wide-ranging needs of our clients, we offer timber flooring that is suitable for both commercial and residential projects throughout Brisbane.

A timber flooring option is a valuable addition to your property but, like all flooring, it needs to be well thought out, well advised and well-executed. We are here to talk you through all the options and give you all the advice you need to be able to feel confident in your decision.

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If you would like to get to know our range of timber flooring better, then get in touch. Our team of Brisbane flooring specialists have worked with timber for a long time. As a result, they are well positioned to give you expert advice and help match you with the perfect timber flooring solution. To get in touch, you can contact us online. Simply follow the prompts in the ‘contact’ section of our website.

Count on Bennetts Carpets for:

  • Experienced flooring specialists
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  • Highest quality timber flooring
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Why Choose Timber?

Homeowners across Brisbane enjoy timber flooring; it is one of the most common flooring materials. But why is that exactly? Timber flooring is a hardwearing flooring product that can last for many years when maintained properly. More importantly, wooden floors look amazing. They have a timeless and elegant appeal that many other flooring products simply cannot replicate. In addition, there are many varieties of timber, so you know there is one out there for you. Different types of timber offer different finishes. To take full advantage of this, we offer a range of pre-finished surface timber flooring, engineered solid timber flooring, bamboo timber flooring, floating timber, hybrid flooring and hardwood timber flooring.

At Bennetts Carpets in Brisbane, we provide timber flooring solutions for the long term. This means all our timber products are selected from the highest quality suppliers, including Australian timber from Big River Timbers.

Our wooden flooring materials are stain-resistant, easy to clean and fully restorable. This means that you will always be able to return your flooring to brand new condition. All our timber floorings are easy to install and come with a warranty against buckling and warping. Timber flooring is great for:

  • Natural beauty, with a sleek, elegant aesthetic
  • Pleasant underfoot feel & more visually appealing than ceramic tiles
  • Adding warmth & comfort to your home
  • Hardwearing durability, with the option to sand & restore it in the future

FAQ’s – Timber Floors Brisbane

Timber is a very hardwearing and durable flooring product. Harder timber materials are certainly more scratch-resistant than their softer counterparts. The hardness of your Brisbane timber floors is measured using the Janka scale, so you will be able to choose a product that is well suited to your needs by looking at its hardness rating. Generally, you should choose a harder timber for high traffic parts of your home. These areas of the home are more susceptible to scratching, as there is more foot traffic. High volumes of foot traffic spreads abrasive particles and dirt, which can gradually scratch the timber’s surface. However, because of its durability, timber does take quite a while to display scratches, if it is well maintained. Vacuuming frequently and fitting felt pads on the underside of furniture can reduce the chances of your timber floor being scratched.

While these precautions greatly improve the longevity of your timber floor, it is still possible that it will sustain some scratching over the years. Fortunately, this is not a major problem. Timber floors generally require some restoration, as they get older. This is likely to be very infrequent, but it is not a particularly lengthy process. It simply involves some sanding and revarnishing to restore the beautiful natural finish of the floor. At Bennetts Carpets, we can help you with this. Our team offers a range of maintenance services, and we will happily offer some advice on how to keep your timber floor looking great.

Generally speaking, the small spills of water that you are likely to encounter in a Brisbane household do not cause any major issues with your timber flooring. Provided you mop the water up and don’t let it sit there, you should not have any problems. Timber flooring is prepared meticulously during the installation and finishing process. The timber is sanded back and coated with a protective varnish. This substance prevents water from being absorbed into the timber. As well as this, it protects against scratching and really highlights the beautiful natural appearance and colours of the timber itself.

However, timber is a natural product. As a result, it does tend to absorb water in certain circumstances. If large volumes of water come into contact with your timber flooring over a long period of time, then it may cause some damage. Such situations are rare though; usually, that would only occur if your floor were flooded. When timber absorbs water, it expands. This can cause it to warp or buckle, which is problematic. Fortunately, at Bennetts Carpets, we offer a warranty on warping and buckling. This means that you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your timber flooring is protected in more ways than one.

Sanding is actually a very effective method of restoring your old timber floors in Brisbane. However, it should not be done more than strictly necessary. Each time you sand a timber floor, you are taking off a layer of the timber itself. That means that over time, it will have some effect on the thickness and potentially evenness of the floor. For this reason, you should probably leave floor sanding to the professionals. It requires a bit of skill and specialist knowledge, as well as specialised floor sanding equipment.

If you get a new timber floor from Bennetts, then it will be sanded and finished either before or during installation. This depends on whether you get prefinished or unfinished timber. As a result of this, your timber flooring from Bennetts will be in perfect condition. This means that you will not need to sand it for many years to come. Our team of experts will happily provide you with more information on this, as well as a range of maintenance tips and tricks. Maintaining your Brisbane timber floors will reduce the need for you to sand it in the future.