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How to Clean Bamboo Floors | Expert Advice

Bamboo floors are easy to clean and maintain, but it’s important to use the correct techniques. Luckily, the best methods of cleaning bamboo flooring are straightforward—let’s take a look at what to do, and what not to do. 

How to Clean Bamboo Laminate Floors

Bamboo laminate has better water resistance than other hardwoods, which makes it easy to clean with water-base solutions and mops. However, it’s important that you don’t use too much. No flooring product is completely waterproof, and excess water can warp timber and bamboo over time. Ideally, your mop should leave a light residue that evaporates within a minute or two.

But it’s not easy to know when you’re using too much water when mopping, which is why it’s important to have the right equipment. Conventional mops absorb too much water to safely clean bamboo flooring. Even if you wring it carefully, a strip mop or cone mop will leave too much water behind, and after a while, could cause the bamboo planks to warp. Instead, use a flat mop with a microfibre head, making sure to submerge the mop head briefly, before wringing it out firmly. It should feel damp, but not wet before you use it.

How to Clean and Shine Bamboo Floors

You can clean all varieties of bamboo flooring using the same flat mop technique that we recommend for laminate. However, to get your bamboo floors truly shining, there are some extra steps you can take. 

First, you need to prepare your bamboo floor surface by vacuuming it thoroughly, and ensuring there is no dirt, dust, or debris in the way. Even the smallest particles can abrade your bamboo flooring and dull its shine.

 Once the floor is completely cleared, you need to mop it using the technique we described above. We would recommend using a bamboo floor cleaning product from a reputable brand, but if you’re uncertain, contact your flooring supplier and ask for advice. During mopping, be sure to leave just a slight damp residue on the floor, and make sure it is evaporating quickly. Once that’s complete, your bamboo floor should have its signature shine back. 

However, if you’ve got older bamboo flooring that’s starting to show its age, a vacuum and mop might not cut it, with a hardwood floor cleaning product needed to take it to the next level. You can get heavy duty hardwood cleaners from your flooring supplier, along with some tips on which to choose. It’s important to get advice, because not all floor cleaning products will suit bamboo. Once you’ve selected the right product, simply apply it to a small section of floor and buff it with a soft microfiber cloth. 

Can you Clean Bamboo Floors with Steam?

We wouldn’t recommend cleaning bamboo floors with steam. Steam mops apply both heat and water vapour to the floor, which can cause damaging side effects. As water vapour enters the porous fibres in the form of steam, the bamboo fibres can swell. That might not be an issue straight away, But the effect is cumulative, so over time you might notice your bamboo flooring start to warp. In serious cases, the bamboo planks can even split along the grain. 

Steer clear of steam mops if you have bamboo flooring. 

How to Clean Bamboo Floors Safely: Avoiding Harsh Chemicals and Dangerous Equipment

Making sure your cleaning techniques are safe for your floors is one thing, but it’s even more important to ensure that the process is safe for you. Cleaning products can include harsh chemicals, which means you need to follow the right safety procedures to use them. As a general rule, you should always wear gloves, eye protection, and a mask if you’re using floor cleaners by hand.

Alternatively, you can avoid harsh synthetic chemicals altogether. Bamboo floors are relatively low maintenance and you can use a simple solution of white vinegar and warm water to clean them. Simply mix one part white vinegar to four parts warm water, and apply to a microfiber flat mop until it’s damp. Natural remedies can work just as well as synthetic ones when it comes to bamboo floor cleaning! 

How to Maintain Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo floor maintenance is just as important as floor cleaning. With a few simple preventative measures, you can drastically improve your bamboo’s lifespan and appearance. Start with your furniture—are there timber chair legs or metal couch-feet touching your bamboo floor? If so, lay a rug beneath them, or apply felt stickers. By keeping a soft layer between your bamboo floors and your furniture, you can prevent scratches and scuff marks.

Foot traffic is another thing to consider. Does your floor plan concentrate foot traffic in a few select areas? If so, think about putting down a rug. You can even shift your furniture every few months to give high-traffic floor spaces a rest. Preventative maintenance is just as important as cleaning.

Get in Touch with Bennetts Carpets for more Information on Bamboo Floor Care

Different flooring products require different care. Luckily, at Bennetts Carpets, we specialise in a wide range of flooring materials. Our expert staff know how to care for bamboo flooring, and we would love to share our knowledge with you. So if you have any questions regarding the care of your bamboo flooring, get in touch today!


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