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The WHO, WHERE and WHY of Carpet Tiles

Dark Living Room - Flooring Experts in Brisbane, QLDThey’ve been around since the 60s, but they are still a flooring concept that leaves people scratching their heads. We’re speaking of carpet tiles and they are form of flooring that have many asking:  Are they more carpet than tile or more tile than carpet?

The answer lies somewhere in between. Essentially they are a hybrid of both, made from carpet material but in all the assorted shapes you can expect from ceramic tiles. As one of Brisbane’s leading suppliers of domestic and commercial flooring options – the team at Bennetts Carpets explain how this clever option could be the flooring solution you’ve been looking for.

WHO Uses Carpet Tiles?

Carpet tiles are raved about by the DIY enthusiast. Their simplicity of installation means that they make reinventing a small room in a single day not only easy – but fun too!
Those who enjoy getting their interior design on will also enjoy working with carpet tiles since they allow the homeowner to create different patterns and designs. Buyers can mix n match different styles and create a vibrant pattern or eye catching focal point with their flooring.

With their unlimited design flexibility and hundreds of different designs to choose from carpet tiles also offer the ability to easily replace sections to quickly overhaul a room and create an entirely new look. That’s why they’ve been recently been praised in design shows like 60 Minute Makeover as an affordable design trend.

Business owners also love carpet tiles since due to the ease of installation, replacement and transportation compared to rolls of broadloom carpet. It also makes creating an eye catching design or pattern to tie in with the branding of the business easy and effective.

WHERE are Carpet Tiles Suitable for Use?

They are made from more synthetic and recycled materials including fishing line and involve less wearing than denser carpet – and less stretching and frayed edges. They are fast becoming used in office and commercial environments including retail stores and commercial showrooms. Carpet squares also look great in the home to create a modern look different from traditional carpet with a thicker pile.

WHY are Carpet Tiles Popular?

We might have already touched on this one, but the reason carpet tiles are so popular include the fact that they enable home and business owners to create unique designs in their flooring. Other reasons they are increasingly popular include:

  • Easy to lay in awkward shaped rooms – they can easily be cut to size
  • Easy maintenance and if a tile is damaged replacing one tile is a lot simpler and more affordable than replacing an entire section of carpet.
  • Can be easily lifted and taken to a new home. Ideal for those who are renting!
  • Easy installation meaning homeowners can DIY and save money.

If carpet tiles sound like it could be the flooring solution you’ve been looking for in your home or business, come and see us at our showroom at 77 Shore Street Cleveland. We can show you how easy to install and how great carpet tiles really look.  Call Bennetts Carpet today on (07) 3821 0907.


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