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Revisiting the Value of Vinyl Flooring

Floor Installation - Flooring Experts in Brisbane, QLDForget everything you thought you knew about vinyl flooring. Gone are kitsch and garish patterned linoleum floors from the 70s – new advances in vinyl flooring have replaced these dated designs, with more sophisticated styling and improved quality. Here at Bennetts Carpets, we’re not only specialists in laying carpet, but can install flooring solutions for your entire home. We have different flooring options to suit all types of commercial and domestic purposes, depending on the preferences of the individual. So why go vinyl? We explain its viability and value in our latest article.

Looks Like Wood But Without The Upkeep

If you’re looking for the looks of hardwood flooring, without worrying about upkeep or maintenance, a timber styled vinyl flooring option could be the answer for you. And unlike wooden flooring vinyl flooring is perfect to use in wet areas of the home since water damage

Vinyl Is Soft Underfoot And Shh… It’s Quiet Too!

Footsteps on a vinyl floor won’t be heard around the rest of the house, as it the case with wooden floors. Getting up on a winter’s morning without slippers will also be easier as the flooring option doesn’t get cold like tiles or timber and what’s more it’s extremely comfortable to walk on. Since comfort should be paramount in any home this can only be a good thing!

Low Maintenance, High Durability

Vinyl flooring is also treated with a waterproof backing which makes it particularly moisture resistant. What’s more it’s one of the easiest flooring options on the market to clean – just wipe and you’re done. Most vinyl options have a protective layer that is scuff, scratch and stain resistant

Vinyl Represents Value

Finally, and possibly the most attractive to potential consumers is the fact that vinyl is value for money at it’s very best! Call us today for a quote – we’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the rates for installing vinyl flooring in your home when compared with some of the other flooring options.

Want to know more about vinyl? Call our friendly team of flooring experts here at Bennetts Carpets today, we’re happy to help you with all the information you need to find a flooring solution to work for you.  Phone 1300 653 314 today.


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