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The Best Flooring Options for Commercial Use

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The demands placed on the floors of offices, shops, and other commercial settings are a lot more than that of our homes. For one the level of foot traffic is almost certain to be higher, and the way commercial spaces are used differs significantly. For these reasons it’s important to choose robust, durable but also attractive flooring that sends the right message and will stand up to the requirements of the industry.

Bennetts Carpets specialise not only in commercial grade carpets but a range of other commercial flooring styles to deliver complete and attractive flooring solutions to businesses in Brisbane.  If you’re considering a flooring upgrade, then this article is perfect for you. In this post we explain which flooring styles are best suited for commercial use and in what businesses

Hardwood Timber Flooring

For a touch of timeless elegance, luxury and sophistication in a commercial setting, hardwood timber floors are hard to pass up. Despite not being the cheapest on the market, well maintained hardwood timber floors will also outlast all other flooring options available. Environments where they work well include multi-purpose school halls, high end retail environments, product showrooms, restaurant floors, bars, homeware stores and many more.  A similar look (albeit less durable) can be achieved at a fraction of the cost with laminate flooring which is available in many different coloured timber finishes.

Resilient Flooring

Consists of manufactured materials and is typically linoleum and vinyl. This is a very popular choice for commercial kitchens, due to the fact that it is very easy to clean and resists moisture. Sheet vinyl also reduces grime, dirt and germs which can be trapped in any joints making it ideal to be used in medical and food service businesses including restaurant and café dining areas.

Commercial Grade Carpet

– Perfect for offices, childcare facilities, agencies, learning environments carpet and retail stores and taverns, carpet can support the branding of your business and offer additional insulation to an interior. Carpet tiles are very easy to replace if one section is damaged or to mix and match different patterns and colours to create a personalised design. Choosing carpet tiles and a commercial grade carpet mean they are designed for high foot traffic and wear well.

Commercial Rubber

Made from a variety of recycled rubber materials, commercial Rubber not only is good for gym and athletic facilities but also outdoor playground flooring and walkways and pool surrounds. The softness and durability make it a good choice in many workplaces where staff stand on their feet for several hours a day.

To discuss suitable commercial flooring options to work in your business speak to the team at Bennetts Carpets today. Our flooring specialists can advise of the best options for your industry and can recommend a style to suit all budgets. Phone us today on 1300 653 314.


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