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Top 10 Kitchen Flooring Trends to Inspire you

They’ve got to look great, and they’ve got to last – that’s the mandate for any kitchen flooring material. So which ones live up to the hype? In this list, we’ll take a look at our favourite kitchen flooring trends, and hopefully point out a few that suit you.

#1 From The Living Room To The Kitchen: Vinyl Flooring Is One Of The Best Flooring Trends We’ve Seen!

Vinyl is a hot topic in the world of flooring – it’s a big deal. We are talking about a product that can withstand pretty much any punishment, without compromising on looks. And, you won’t believe it, it’s cheap! Vinyl is water resistant, tough, affordable, and very good looking. It ticks all the boxes and looks at home anywhere – especially in the kitchen.

#2 Tiling Trends: They’ve Been On The Kitchen Flooring Scene For Years, But Tiles Are Getting A Makeover

Tiles are your classic kitchen flooring material, which means they’re not exactly a trend. But, as interior design gathers momentum, people are experimenting with tiles more than ever before. With a range of configurations, colours texture, and more, you can get good-looking, innovative, and very tough flooring for your kitchen. Tiles are a classic for a reason!

#3 Laminate Flooring Is Coming Out Of The Woodwork And Into Our Favourite Kitchen Flooring Trends

Timber flooring is a commitment – it needs plenty of love, and sometimes pretty deep pockets! So if you are looking for a more casual relationship with your kitchen flooring, we recommend timber laminate. This has the great looks of timber, but without a lot of the maintenance and cost drawbacks.

#4 Light And Breezy Meets Tough And Practical: Bamboo Is More Than Just A Kitchen Flooring Trend

If you want a kitchen floor that’s as uplifting as your bright and bubbly colour scheme, bamboo is for you. Not only does it keep things light and breezy, it also withstands some pretty harsh treatment. And, as far as timber flooring goes, this kitchen trend is environmentally sustainable.

#5 Harwood Is Hardly A Kitchen Flooring Trend – It’s Been Around For Years – Has Anything Changed?

We mentioned earlier that hardwood is a bit of a commitment. And that’s true. But, if you’re prepared to love it, it’ll love you right back! Few flooring materials give the depth and richness of a hardwood floor. And as flooring innovated more and more, hardwood is becoming available in a range of styles. At the very least, it’s worth checking it out.

#6 One Of Our Favourite Coloured Kitchen Flooring Trends Is The Blonde Timber Look – Here’s Why

If you do give timber a go, why not go for a blonde look? It is particularly effective in the kitchen, as it gives the impression of space and lightness. So even if your kitchen is a little on the small side, a blonde timber flooring scheme will make it feel airy and spacious.

#7 Deep And Dark: A Richer Rum-Coloured Flooring Trend Might Be Right At Home In Your Kitchen

If airy and spacious isn’t quite the mandate of your interior colour scheme, why not add a rich and moody element with dark timber flooring. A rich honey or rum colour adds more depth than you could ever imagine, and it has an almost regal air about it. This kitchen flooring trend is worth some attention!

#8 On The Other End Of The Spectrum, White Stone Finishes Are An Up And Coming Kitchen Flooring Trend

Deviating from timber a moment, let’s take a look at stone options. One up and coming kitchen flooring trend is the clean white natural stone. Normally, this takes the form of marble tiles, and it’s about as clean a look as any kitchen can achieve. Watch out though – it does show dirt!

#9 It’s A Little Left Of Field, But Grey Flooring Trends Are Moving To The Kitchen And We Love It!

Another lighter, brighter option is the grey flooring. It has almost a whitewashed appearance, and it feels quite beachy. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but those who go for this kitchen flooring trend won’t be disappointed!

#10 Go Rustic And Hide That Kitchen Dirt With The Wire Brushed Wood Flooring Trend

Finally, let’s go low maintenance for a moment with the wire brushed look. This is about as rustic as it gets, and it simply does not show up dirt, which makes cleaning a breeze!

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