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17 Cardinal Rules to Follow when Carpet Buying

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Needing some carpet buying guidance? You are in the right place! Here in our news centre we’ve put together a whole series of carpet and flooring advice since at Bennetts Carpets we are fanatical about all things flooring!

Our team sales and installation team have put together 17 cardinal rules so you can go into making a buying decision with gusto and confidence. Need more advice? Just contact us today!

1.    No one style of carpet is ‘better’ than another. There are different types of textures and piles for different settings, rooms and purposes.

2.    If you have a smaller room to make the area feel more spacious it’s a good idea to use lighter tones since darker shades will make the area feel more enclosed.

3.    Always buy the carpet with the highest grade that your budget allows and lay the heaviest duty grade carpets in areas with the highest foot traffic.

4.    Don’t buy a carpet simply by looking at photos online or in catalogues. These pictures rarely capture the exact character and shade of the carpet in the pictures. Always look and feel the samples available.

5.    If possible bring some samples of your top choices home with you to get an idea how it will look and match with the décor in your home. This will give you an idea how the carpet will look under the lights in your home, compared the light in the showroom.

6.    Be aware that the colour of the carpet that you choose will often look darker when it has been laid, especially if it is a larger area.

7.    Always consider a carpet’s maintenance requirements. If you have toddlers and pets a lower maintenance variety is often a good idea.

8.    If you need to carpet stairs, you will need to invest in a higher grade carpet for this area. Wool carpets are the best option but cut pile also is more effective than many other varieties

9.    The denser the carpet the better and higher quality. The price of carpet will also reflect this.

10.     Wool carpets are luxurious and outlast most other varieties however wool carpets are not stain resistant meaning any spillages need to be treated right away.

11.      It’s always worth buying extra carpet that you need to cover your floors if a section will need to be replaced from damage including tears and stains.

12.     Make sure that the carpet you are buying has been graded with a classification scheme of some sort. The most common one for domestic carpets is a star rating between 1-6.

13.     If you are comparing prices of carpet, make sure you are comparing apples with apples.

14.     If you’re going for a neutral look with your carpet, to avoid having a washed out look in the room it’s always a good idea to have solid darker colours in the furniture or brighter painted walls or artwork.

15.     If your home has receives lots of sunlight it’s worth investing in carpets that have extra resistance to fading, or using blinds and awnings.

16.     For extra comfort consider more indulgent and comfortable carpets in the bedroom

17.     After your brand new carpet has been laid, its normal in the first couple of weeks after for the carpet shed small fibres. After a few vacuums this will settle.

We are big believers that new carpet is one of life’s pleasures. If you have more questions about choosing the right carpet we’re standing by to provide answers. Call into our showroom at 77 Shore Street, Cleveland or call us on 1300 653 314.

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