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Carpet Versus Laminate…Decisions, Decisions

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Which to choose carpets or laminate? Both types of flooring offer different benefits and drawbacks. Some flooring are suited to different rooms and workplaces but there flooring types that can be used for most rooms.  Here’s are some insights into the two types of flooring that can help you to decide which option will be right for your home.

Considering Carpets?

Carpets are a good choice if trying to make the room feel comfortable, cosy and warm so ideal for bedrooms.  Carpets are comfortable for people who on their feet for long periods of time.  One of carpet’s associated characteristics is its insulating properties, helping to keep heating bills down during winter.

Carpets are quiet and can absorb the sound of footsteps.  Is it also great for colder climates as they can insulate the heat and are a lifesaver if you accidentally drop items such as mobile phones and a soft cushioning for falls.

Carpets are cost effective alternative and won’t break your budget but generally more costly than vinyl. Carpets also require very little maintenance.  All the carpet needs is a quick vacuum once a week and perhaps a carpet steam clean once a year by a professional.

The disadvantage of carpets is that they don’t work in every room and aren’t practical especially in bathrooms, kitchens and if you have pets. In this case hard floors make more sense for practicality purposes.

Leaning Towards Laminate?

Laminate flooring is inexpensive and you can achieve the same look and feel of a traditional hardwood flooring without spending a fortune. Laminate is available in a large variety of beautiful finishes, designs and colours to suit your personal tastes.

While laminate floors are a fraction of the cost of timber flooring; laminate is not as durable and therefore will require it to be replaced more often depending on how they are maintained.  The huge advantage of laminate flooring is that it is easy to install and can be even installed by the keen do-it-yourself home owner, helping to save on installation costs.

Selecting any type of flooring is a big investment so make sure you consider all the options.  Feel free to ask us for advice, we have a  carpet mobile showroom service at your convenience or alternatively walk in to our showroom at 77 Shore Street Cleveland QLD 4163


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