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5 Common Myths about Timber Flooring

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Not everything you hear about timber flooring is accurate and many sweeping statements about timber do not apply to all situations and circumstances.

Our customers here at Bennetts Carpets are often surprised and shocked when we explain some of the characteristics of timber floors, which differ from their own ideas. If you’ve previously turned away from timber, these myth busting revelations below may put timeless timber back on your radar. Read on as

Myth #1 “Timber Floors Should Not Be Used In Warm Climates”

While it’s true that excessive humidity and moisture can cause boards to expand, with the right timber for the environment and a professional installation, you can still enjoy timber floors without worrying about the boards warping in warm weather. Choosing a good grade and density of timber coupled with the right installation technique means a stable timber floor can be enjoyed in all climates, including here in Brisbane.

Myth #2 “Timber Floors Should Not Be Used In A Kitchen”

Kitchens are actually some of the best places to install hardwood flooring. Not only are they low maintenance, kitchens have heavy foot traffic which means durable options like timber should be considered. Timber floors can also help create a warm, inviting and traditional country farmhouse style kitchen, but the beauty of timber means that it works well with all existing décor – modern or traditional.

Myth #3 ”Timber Floors Are Always Cold”

Timber floors are actually a great insulator and in winter are not as cold as other flooring types including tiles and slate. With their rich colour tones, stepping into a room with timber flooring can actually make a room you feel warmer even when there is no temperature change.

There is also the option to accessorise your floor with rugs and other floor runners for softness underfoot in living rooms. Besides, any coldness from a timber floor during the short winters we have here in Queensland is nothing that a pair of slippers can’t fix.

Myth # 4 “Knots And Streaks In Timber Floors Are Defects”

All cuts of timber are 100 per cent unique.  This is what gives the material its unique beauty and character. Even if the planks are cut from the same tree species they will all be different. All timber selected for use for flooring is of a high grade and quality and character marks are not indicative of a defective pieces of timber.

Myth #5 “Timber Floors Are Easily Damaged Will Need To Be Replaced Quickly”

This is simply not true. With the right care timber will outlast ALL other flooring options available. It is true that certain precautions should be taken with timber floors, including avoiding wearing high heels and dragging furniture, but like all flooring styles, timber is only easily damaged if proper care is not taken.

Hopefully this has settled some of the concerns you may have had about timber floors. We understand choosing a flooring style is a major investment and there are lots of factors to consider. To see our floors before your eyes, come down to our flooring showroom at 77 Shore Street, Cleveland and speak to our team here at Bennetts Carpets

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