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The Rules of Rug Buying – What to Look for

Rugs offer many of the same benefits of carpets, but offer the flexibility to be moved with you from home to home or even room to room. They can be also the perfect finishing touch to complete the interior design of a room, and for homes with hard flooring, they can inject much needed softness and warmth into the room. For renters, rugs can be a perfect solution allowing you to transform your floor and change a room when painting walls or hanging pictures is not an option.

Yet sometimes people make some errors when choosing the wrong rug for their room, or a rug of the wrong dimensions. With this in mind, Bennetts Carpets offer our top tips for rug buying to ensure you match the right rug with your interior.

Size And Scale

A rug should be scaled to fit with the rest of your décor and furniture, small rugs look inadequate in rooms where they don’t cover a significant section of the flooring. For a lounge room rug, measure the flooring size that you want the rug to cover and then take into account if any furniture will be placed on the rug. Furniture including chairs and coffee tables should only be placed on rugs that are large enough. They can also be placed parallel to lounges to with only the coffee table on top.

As a general rule, rugs that appear a decent size in the showroom will look smaller than expected in the home, so we recommend buying a slightly larger size that you think is sufficient. Very few people buy a rug that is too large, but many experience the problem of buying a rug that is too small for their space.

Choosing A Rug Style

The rug style is typically determined by the existing décor or furnishings of the home. A classic looking Persian or Oriental style rugs are perennially popular, but may look out of place with modern furnishings. If you want to inject colour and graphics into a room, a patterned rug can be easiest way to transform your floor and the entire room and bring instant impact.

However, a rug shouldn’t just be chosen on looks alone. The foot traffic, construction and maintenance requirements should be taken into consideration as the amount of sunlight the room gets. If you want the rug to be a defining feature of the room, or just to support the room and add another texture, it’s worth assessing what role you want the rug to play in your home to help you choose the best rug style.

Open Plan Living Areas And Rugs

Rugs can be a good way to define different zones of a large open plan living area. A rug can separate the dining area from the lounge room and create boundaries. A rug should ground a room or area, so in large open plan living areas, 2 or more rugs in complementing styles can separate the dining area from the living area of the space.

With winter around the corner, and a huge range of quality rugs in all sizes and styles to warm your indoors, call into Bennetts Carpets today to see what’s on offer. We’re a 77 Shore Street, Cleveland or call us on 1300 653 314.


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