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Selecting the Right Carpet Colour: What to Consider

Flooring Experts in Brisbane, QLDThe colour of your carpet can bring your floor to life, and with so many different shades available choosing the best colour is undoubtedly one of the major considerations for those laying carpet. It can be a tricky decision since there are often a few ‘colour contenders’ which people weigh up.

To guide you through this decision, the Bennetts Carpets mobile showroom can come to your home, bring with more than 500 removable floor samples to give you a true sense of what the textures and colours will look like in your home. But before you settle for a Midnight Blue cut loop, or a spotted Elf Green, there are some things to think about to ensure your colour choice is compatible with your home, and your lifestyle.

Neutral Shade Carpets

Neutral carpets are the classic sandstone, greys, beige and creams and charcoal shades.

Neutral shades are versatile and are more compatible with existing décor and colour schemes in the home.  They can also match and provide a sense of unity and balance between the overall décor. Often neutral shades have a wider appeal and timeless looks which can be important if you are selling or renting the home. However since many neutral shades are light, for a busy family with young children and pets, these can show up more dirt and soiling.

Bold And Bright Shades

Bolder shades including blues, reds orange, can be the perfect option to lift the floor and mood in the room. Some colours make a statement and allow the floor to become a feature of the room instead of simply blending with the surrounding décor.

Dark Versus Light Shades

Light shades can open up the room and create a feeling of more space which can be useful for smaller, darker rooms.

Darker shades on the other like deep maroon, navy blue, charcoal, can add a more sophisticated finish to the space but can make a room feel smaller. Darker shades however are more effective concealing dust and other deposits which are more noticeable on light shades.

What Mood Do You Want To Create?

This is an important question to ask yourself what feel you want the carpet to bring to the room. Busy and lively rooms like living or other communal areas might benefit from bolder, richer tones like reds, orange tones or to create a modern, contemporary interior and inject warmth, but for quieter rooms a cooler tones like blues, greens and neutrals can help create a calming atmosphere for bedrooms and studies.

These are some of the biggest considerations when it comes to choosing a carpet colour, but before you look at images only, come in and see us at 77 Shore Street Cleveland in Brisbane to see the range of one of Queensland’s biggest independent carpet retailers.

Alternatively arrange our mobile carpet showroom stacked full of different colour and texture samples to come to you. To arrange for an in-home visit, call us on 1300 653 314


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