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Flooring for Children’s Rooms – Top Tips and Advice

Children's Toy In the Playroom - Flooring Experts in Brisbane, QLDChildren’s rooms are special places, whether they are their bedrooms, their playrooms, or living rooms that specifically cater for them. The spaces that young children play in will create memories for them that will last a life time – and it will be the small details, such as the flooring and furniture, that they will remember the most.

Young children love to explore their environment, and they pay a lot of attention to details. They love to discover how things feel and how things look. They are also comforted and feel secure in their environment when it is designed especially to support them.

If you have children of any age, and you are building a new home or renovating an existing home, you will need to make important decisions regarding the flooring that you install.

Children Live On The Floor

All children love to live on the floor, whether this is stretching out in front of the television, playing board game with friends, or immersing themselves in a collection of toys that will keep them engaged for hours. Very young children like to push things across the floor, they will fall on it often as they try to stand up and take their first steps, they will curl up on it when they are tired, and use it as a platform for exercises and gymnastics. Because of this, the choice of flooring is very important for children’s rooms and play areas.

Think About Allergies

Children may have allergies that can be triggered from the flooring in their home. If this is the case, you may wish to discuss your options with your child’s doctor, to ensure that you are making the healthiest choice for their individual condition. You may also want to factor in the costs of regular cleaning, such as carpet cleaning, into your ongoing house care budget.

Children Adore Comfort

While timber, tiles and vinyl may be easier to clean than carpet, remember that children adore comfort in the places that they spend most of their time. Carpet will be softer and the children will be warmer with it, and it might be the best choice if you are living in a region where it is cold for most of the year. Rugs are also another option that you can use, to place over a cold floor, but remember to ensure that they are anti-slip. Children of all ages can easily slip and hurt themselves if the rugs slide across the floor or flick up at the edges easily.

Children Embrace Colour And Design

You can purchase rugs and carpets that are specifically designed for children, and feature patterns or images that appeal to their age. You might decide to decorate a child’s room in this fashion, so that they have a fun and fresh décor – just remember though, that children grow up quick, and they might not appreciate the same styling in a few years!


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