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4 Reasons Not to Dismiss Vinyl Flooring

Flooring Experts in Brisbane, QLDVinyl. The flooring solution of the 80s is making a comeback, as geometric patterns are replaced with block colours or styles resembling the prevailing tile trends of the season. Vinyl is no longer considered psychedelic, cheap and cheerful or the DIY’s answer to a quick fix; in fact, the right vinyl flooring options are highly sort after in a renovation market motivated by function, as well as aesthetic. If this summary of vinyl isn’t enough to inspire further consideration, check out four reasons why vinyl flooring is here to stay. They may surprise you!

Modern Prints

Long considered a short term quick-fix, vinyl has reappeared in an array of patterns and styles, replicating the hottest trends and opening up the market to those who consider blank matte tiles too expensive. Vinyl can adapt and present any décor aesthetic you’ve been imagining, from the traditional black and white bathroom check, to the appearance of polished wood panelling. This broad range of print options means you can go a little crazy designing the rest of your home, as vinyl continues to be cost savvy, despite its developed quality.

Improved Quality

Speaking of quality, vinyl is no longer easily scratched or defaced. It won’t degrade under foot or battle to keep on top of your day-to-day. Even in the last ten years, significant strides have been made to improve the overall quality of the products available, retaining that easy to apply appeal, with none of the flimsiness old-school vinyl was reputed for twenty to thirty years ago.

High Resilience

Do you have pets? What about kids? Children demand a lot from their environments, experimenting with textures and occasionally turning the strangest surfaces into artistic canvases. Vinyl flooring is highly resilient, embracing the natural messiness of kids, easy to clean off in case the crayon goes over the edges by accident or on purpose. Pets claws and hair stand little chance against vinyl, making it a perfect solution for a pets room or a space where arts and crafts are plentiful.

Easy To Maintain

The worst thing about carpets and wooden flooring is the pedantic maintenance plan associated with either. If you want to waste your life worried about every spill and track of dirty tramped through the house, don’t opt for vinyl; but if you want to live and enjoy life without planning activities around a cleaning schedule, vinyl flooring is the way to go. Simply mop and go, splicing hot water with white vinegar and let dry.

Vinyl doesn’t deserve the cheap and nasty reputation following it around. Go on, take a chance, it won’t let you down.


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