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Carpet vs Timber Floors: What Suits you?

Flooring Experts in Brisbane, QLDWood against carpet. The shag against restored floorboard or a Jarrah finish. Different buyers are searching for a list of things when shopping around for a new floor – we spend most of our home time walking around on it, we want it to be comfortable. We also decorate our home according to tones and preferences, so it can’t clash with an already chosen swatch.

Some of don’t have a lot of time to clean the smallest stain, so durability and user-friendliness need to be considered. So what would you do, as a first reaction, would you go for the classy wooden flooring or the diverse carpet options available across the Bennetts flooring range? See if your first decision matches up at the end of this article!

The Wood Floor Buyer

Stylish, sophisticated and every bit timeless, wooden flooring is the little black dress of the flooring world. It always looks good. No matter when you try it on or pull it out again, it’s always in style, it fits your personality and you love it because it’s easy to take care of, with a little tenderness.

Wooden floors lend a caveat of affluence to their owners and sellers – renovating a property to include natural fibre flooring will not only lift the final sales price, but it wows potential owners. It’s cool in summer and warm in winter, extraordinarily durable and completely stain proof. Did you spill a glass of wine? Just mop it up and away you go. No harm, no added cleaning.

Maybe you suffer from allergies? Wooden flooring doesn’t home dust mites or bad odors, boasting an easy to clean surface for an almost instant shine. No wet dogs here!

Concerned about limited fads and the appeal of shag carpet ten years from now or in the eyes of a buyer? Wooden flooring is going to be hot now, next year, in five years and in a decade. It has no used by date. Price feel impossible? Achieve the same look, if not the same prestige, with vinyl flooring – our luxury range of KarnaDean natural fibre products will deliver everything you love about wooden flooring and more.

The Carpet Buyer

Carpets are homely and warm, perfect for scrunching your toes into when you first get up or during a quiet moment on the couch. Ideal for colder climates, carpet will provide added insulation against drafts and bring the temperature up a notch, keeping you nice and toasty. Family orientated buyers may want to consider the added safety benefits of carpets, as they’re softer than wood, vinyl and tiles, breaking many hard falls before they have a chance to injure little bodies in a rush. There’s the extra element of being great to sit on, as they don’t become too hard under your backside after five minutes without a cushion. If you hate noise and echoes, carpet may be your flooring of choice, as it naturally absorbs and suppresses the usual bluster of a household.

They can be quite in your face, if you’re searching for a bold design feature for a living or bedroom area, coming in a variety of textures – from pile to shag. Or if you’re looking for a neutral tone with a shock of colour to add to your décor, carpet can be a cost effective way to say less is more without going overboard on cost. The downside? It can be painful to clean properly, even if you vacuum every day. People with allergies, pets and small children will probably have a hard time keeping up with the demands of carpet care – dust mites and particles love hanging out here.

Or, you could just throw in the towel and go for tiles!

Decided to opt for carpet, and looking for a little more help with choosing the right one? Check out comprehensive How To Buy Carpet guide!


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