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7 Gorgeous Colours that Go with Grey, for A Beautiful Home

Grey is considered a “neutral colour,” and in terms of carpet, is a popular choice among home decorators due to its versatility and ability to seamlessly integrate into a range of room styles.

From silvery shades to darker hues, grey carpets are typically used in two ways — as a stand-alone palette or to create a neutral canvas for the addition of cool or warm colour accents in walls, furniture, and accessories.

But what are the benefits of grey carpet? And what are the colours that go with grey?

Benefits of grey carpets

Along with their aesthetic qualities and creating a sense of calm and composure, neutral carpet tones like grey also come with a range of other benefits, and their interior design capabilities are as endless as your imagination! They are:

  • Versatile—grey carpets can take on a range of personalities and add a touch of sophistication to a room when paired with ivory walls, or can give bright statement walls some extra pop.
  • Timeless—they can be styled with virtually any interior, so they have a longer life and won’t need to be replaced with changing trends, so will maximise your decorating budget.
  • An investment—they offer mass appeal and suit a wide range of design tastes, which will attract more potential buyers if you choose to sell your home in the future.

Complementary Colours


Lighter tones of grey are visually restful, and in a bedroom or lounge can minimise distractions and create a cosy, calm, and relaxed atmosphere. For a pop of subtle ambience and contrast, consider adding beige, white, or even lighter shades of green or blue in your furnishings and accessories.


In terms of pastel colours that go with grey, blushing pink tones can add a luxuriously feminine twist, especially when combined with a colour like cadet grey with its blue undertones. Ideal for bedrooms and areas surrounding your bathroom, a pop of muted green can add a natural, fresh vibe.


Blue is one of the strongest hues of the colour psychology spectrum and can truly bring a room to life. When paired with a darker grey carpet, it can create balance and evoke a feeling of confidence and success. Lighter shades instil a sense of tranquility, and to tone down its masculine vibe, you can pair them with green or tan furnishings.


Green stimulates thoughts of growth, balance, and restoration in colour psychology, and it’s a great way of bringing a refreshing sense of nature indoors. Combine with a silvery carpet colour and add vivid plant life to invigorate the space. For a funky, sophisticated edge, pair softer grey coloured carpet with bright pops of lime or aqua.


In colour psychology, yellow is connected with energy, joy, and optimism. From shades of lemon and mustard to soft tones, it is always unmistakably vibrant. Choose a calming shade of grey carpet and pair with golden shades that will bring a feeling of light and space to the darker areas of your home and remind you of sunshine-filled days … even when the weather’s gloomy!


Orange is all about joy, fun and optimism and can bring a creative flair to an otherwise calming environment, especially when used in tangerine shades. The higher percentage of red in this hue creates an energised, edgier feel, especially when combined with charcoal carpet shades. Too lively? Shades of peach will calm down the palette while still adding warmth.


Red is one of the more dramatic hues and one of the most enticing colours when it comes to rousing emotions. Ideal for home offices and creative spaces when combined with virtually any shade of grey carpet, it also boasts beautiful “sister” shades, including crimson and burgundy. Cool tones create a polished look, while a fiery colour like tomato red will evoke feelings of energy, excitement and passion.


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