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7 Gorgeous Fluffy Rugs for Fluff Overload [Pics]

A true cultural icon of the 60s and 70s, what were known as “shag” rugs are making a comeback in the interior design world! Renowned for their soft, fluffy texture and appearance, their most distinct characteristic is their deep, thick pile. They can reduce noise, are super-comfortable to walk (and lie) on, and available in a myriad of styles and colours. So whether you’re after a statement living room rug or a subtler version to enhance your current decor, here are some fluffy rugs to inspire your next interior update!

Image from Pinterest

With a subtle nod to the retro sheepskin varieties popular in the 70s, this rug gives a sophisticated edge to the neutral palette of this contemporary lounge room. It is subtle without being dull (we love the edged fringing) and allows other décor — like the side table and pop of potted colour — to capture visual interest. White also conveys a feeling of luxury, simplicity and comfort, and here, also adds warm to the room by contrasting with the texture of the tiled floor.

Image from AliExpress

This oh-so-cute faux-fur rug certainly doesn’t miss a (heart) beat in this room by adding a pink blush of personality to a neutral space. Pink is a delicate hue that exudes a feeling of nurturing and femininity, and here it adds a softness to the hard edges of the timber flooring. Fluff-wise, it adds just the right amount of texture, and although it’s the highlight of this living room, we think it would spread the love just about anywhere (i.e. fluffy bedroom rugs rock)!

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Perfectly proportioned, this rug certainly makes its mark by adding a dramatic contrast in a neutrally furnished room. An endlessly versatile colour, grey evokes feelings of calmness, softness and composure. Combined with the blonde timber flooring, here it adds a fashionable, modern edge. It also exudes a bucketload of warmth with its lush, thick pile. And we’re not judging its owners (well, maybe a little) … but slippers? Who needs slippers? Bare feet rule on a fluffy surface such as this!

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There are fluffy rugs and then there are uber-fluffy rugs. Shaggier than a mohair-covered Angora Goat, this version has a luxurious, uneven pile that simply begs for a bit of forget-the-couch TV watching. Texture is the hero here, and this rug certainly demands look-at-me attention, although not in an overly showy way. Its soft grey colouring blends beautifully with the white couch, metallic side table and the beige-tinged flooring. This is up-to-the-minute style with substance.

Image from The Rug Seller Blog

The neutral palette of this room’s whites and greys is the perfect backdrop for this personality-plus feature rug. The uneven pile and non-linear stripes add visual interest, and suggest this owner has a penchant for wildness (animals in particular). Brown tones are linked to feelings of comfort, cosiness and relaxation, and in this instance, add a slightly masculine edge when combined with the tiled flooring and touches of timber. However, the sink-into pile balances out any hardish edges, adding softness and warmth.

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This bright and breezy room is made even more inviting with the plush pile, variegated blues and mottled patterning of this eye-catching rug. It certainly wants to be noticed — both size and style-wise — and is given due credit with the toned-down furnishings and flooring. This is also a clever use of colour. In colour psychology, deep blues evoke feelings of order and confidence, and lighter shades calmness, tranquility and peace. This rug embraces the best of both worlds!

Image from AU Rugs

There is no doubt what the attention-seeker in this room is. Vibrant and striking, this rug nudges the boundaries of OTT on all levels. Red is the colour of energy, action and passion, and the crimson tones of this centrepiece make a bold and animated statement. Its undulating, uber-plush pile screams sink-into-me comfort, and combined with the timber and copper undertones of the room’s décor, amp up the warmth factor to a wonderfully fiery level!



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