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Five Reasons to Get Vinyl Plank Flooring for your Home

When you think vinyl plank flooring, are you reminded of the linoleum from dear Granny’s kitchen? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! It’s a common misconception and one that can prevent homeowners from considering it as a real option. But technological advances mean modern vinyl flooring bears little resemblance to the lino of the past. Read on to discover why vinyl plank flooring could be the perfect choice for your home.

A Style To Suit Every Design Aesthetic

Whether you’re going for that ceramic tile vibe or the high shine of a polished floorboard, there is a vinyl alternative to suit. The extensive range of patterns and styles means that flooring options you might have discounted as cost-prohibitive are now within reach. Natural stone, every conceivable style of tile, and hardwood in an exhaustive range of shades and textures – vinyl floor planking gives you so much variety you may have trouble choosing!

Water Resistant And Durable

There is nothing quite like laying new flooring to transform a home, but with new flooring can come high anxiety about keeping it in pristine condition. Modern vinyl flooring has been designed to withstand the intensity of day to day living, mimicking the look of tiles and hardwood but avoiding the issue of scratching and chipping. Vinyl is also non-porous, giving it excellent water-resistance. Its ability to repel spills makes it suitable for any room in your home including wet zones like the bathroom. And remember that vinyl flooring is popular in commercial installations for its incredible ability to withstand heavy foot traffic which means it is almost over-qualified to deal with the wear and tear of the average home.

Easy Underfoot And Quiet Too

The thing about ceramic tiles and timber floors is that they’re, well, hardA vinyl alternative can replicate the look you’re dreaming of whilst feeling soft and comfortable underfoot. This is particularly important if you spend a lot of time standing in the kitchen cooking or if you’ve got a little person learning to crawl and/or walk. Ongoing innovations have made it difficult to spot the difference between genuine wood or tile flooring and their vinyl counterpart, but you’ll welcome that extra ‘give’ underfoot. Vinyl plank flooring also reduces the noise of big feet, little feet and even furry feet.

Low Maintenance

Designed to be scuff, scratch and stain resistant, vinyl flooring holds much appeal for whoever finds themselves having to clean it. Mop with a misting of warm water and vinegar and allow to air dry – that’s all you need to keep your vinyl floors sparkling and hygienic. When installed correctly, vinyl flooring can give years and years of enjoyment with very little maintenance required. In the instance that your vinyl plank flooring should require repairs, these are often considerably cheaper, too.

Cost-Effective Without Compromising On Style

Been priced out of your ultimate floor covering? With a finish that can replicate the hottest flooring trends, vinyl may be the economical way to have the floors you have your heart set on. More and more people are choosing vinyl flooring for its incredible per square metre value. And if you’re particularly handy, you can reduce costs by installing them yourself. Add to that the unbeatable functionality and on-trend designs, and you can see why vinyl plank flooring is exploding in popularity.

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