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5 Reasons to Get Rugs in your Home this Winter

Are you trying to decide whether you need rugs in your home this winter? If so, this guide might help. There are many reasons to get rugs in your home, and some might surprise you. Despite what a lot of people think, rugs do more than just look good. They actually have a utilitarian purpose—or several, as you are about to find out.

#1 Rugs In Your Home Prevent You Losing Heat Through The Floor

When it comes to rugs in winter, there are many advantages. However one stands out in particular. Strangely, though, it is an advantage that few homeowners consider. During winter, keeping the house warm is a priority for many. But this is easier said than done. Often, homeowners resort to heaters and these increase your power consumption. This is where rugs can help. A majority of heat is lost through the ground in many homes, especially those in the traditional ‘Queenslander’ style. Rugs will slow this loss and thereby allow to warm your home without using so much energy.

#2 Rugs In Your Home Will Improve Comfort

In terms of minimising heat loss with rugs, improving energy consumption is just one part of the equation. The other part is, of course, comfort. For centuries, rugs have been used to make homes comfortable. In winter, they do so by keeping the ground warm. Anyone with tiled or timber floors will know that this can make getting out of bed a whole lot easier. Additionally, they make the ground softer. For people with arch pain or stiff legs, this can really make all the difference.

#3 Rugs Are An Excellent Design Feature

Just because rugs have a practical side, that doesn’t mean we will overlook their great aesthetic. Rugs come in all shapes, sizes and colours. With such an abundance of styles available, rugs are an easy way to inject some colour and life into your home. Interior designers love using rugs to create an understated, yet powerful focal point. They are suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, studies and more. Simply select one that supports your desired ambience and try it out! For some extra spice, you can try moving it around when things are getting a bit dull again.

#4 Rugs Can Protect Timber Floors

Back on the practical side, rugs can protect your floor as well as your feet. Timber is great, but as anyone with wooden floors will tell you, it is susceptible to deterioration. Two of the main causes of this are foot traffic and furniture. Constant foot traffic can wear away at the protective surface, while constantly shifting furniture can leave scratches. Fortunately, rugs offer an easy solution. Simply place a suitable rug in high traffic areas or beneath heavy items of furniture. This will do two things. Firstly, it will look fantastic. Secondly, it will prevent the constant flow of feet and furniture from degrading your timber floors.

#5 Rugs Do Not Go Out Of Fashion

Lastly, if there is any doubt still in your mind, rugs do not go out of fashion. If you look back through all the modern – and not so modern – stages of interior design, you will see that rugs have always found their place. There is a simple reason why: rugs combine great looks and practical advantages. In the end, this creates a homely feel and gives you the power to tweak your living space as you please. With a rug, you are buying comfort, ambience and protection. So have a look through some rugs today. You will no doubt be surprised at what they can do for your home.

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