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Flooring Trends for 2015

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Domotex Hannover is the world’s largest flooring trade fair and the leading fair for the flooring industry. In January 2015, 1350 floor makers and manufacturers exhibited their products to nearly 45 000 buyers. The following trends that emerged from Domotex are set to shake up Australian homes this year.

The Floor As ‘Fourth Wall’

The importance of thoughtful and artistic flooring was a key point. Your floors take up a large portion of your home and tend to grab the eye, so it’s important you make flooring decisions as carefully and thoughtfully as you do decisions about your walls. Choose materials based on their purpose – hard wearing types for high occupied areas and perhaps something more luxurious in your bedroom – and play around with decorations like rugs in the same way you would paintings and photographs.

Think outside the box and don’t be constrained by traditional ideas. Coloured vinyl can be a fun addition to a children’s playroom, timber and bamboo can give a bathroom a tropical feel, and large rugs can replace carpet.


Carpets are due for a makeover in 2015, the year that minimalism gives way to ornamentation. Interior design is seeing a lot of 3D wall treatments and baroque scalloped finishes in furniture and wallpaper. Flooring is no exception to this, but with a more practical, comfortable twist – think thick shag pile that you can sink your feet into, sumptuous velvet pile carpets and woven rugs. Stick to solid colours, as patterns and prints will look dated quickly. The look is classic and luxurious.

Jigsaw Puzzle Rugs

German designers Vorwerk introduced a range of innovative rugs that come in six basic geometric shapes that can be put together in different configurations by the buyer. This allows home owners to play around with colours and textures while creating something that works with the space. It can also make an eye-catching statement piece. Try playing around with different shaped rugs to create something ultra modern in your own home.

Artisan Rugs

Handmade rugs were once considered an artistic endeavour on par with paintings and sculptures and in some parts of the world, walking on a Persian rug was considered as disrespectful as stamping all over a classic painting. Hand crafted rugs are a classic that never go out of style, but they will be making a comeback this year with artistic expression merging with high quality weaving techniques.

Outdoor Flooring

Creative floors don’t have to be confined to indoors – your patio, gazebo, swimming pool and veranda can also benefit from flooring renovation. This year’s focus is on materials that are warm and inviting but that are also hard wearing against environmental influences and easily cleaned. Natural and synthetic woods are popular choices.

Make 2015 the year that you shake up your home decor with some gorgeous new flooring. Check out the range of flooring options on display at the Bennetts Carpets showroom on 77 Shore Street, Cleveland, or call 1300 653 314 to arrange an in-home visit from our mobile showroom.


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