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6 Inspiring Ideas for Decorating with Rugs

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1: Layering

Two or more rugs can be used together by layering them. Perhaps you have a very small rug that you love, but it is not big enough to cover the entire floor space that you need it too. Try placing a much larger rug underneath it, which can actually be much plainer and cheaper in cost. The larger rug will act as a border for the smaller one, and the effect will be amazing.

2: Drape Rugs Over Furniture

Rugs have been traditionally used for the floor, and also on walls and furniture. A simple decorating tip is to drape a rug over a bench or the back of a lounge. You will need to find the right rug for the purpose, and you might have more success with a softer rug, as opposed to a stiff rug.

3: Go Shaggy

A beautiful shaggy rug can do wonders to a room. All of your family members will want to walk over it, and even roll around on it. They are beautiful to look at, and inviting to touch. Shaggy or long pile rugs can be perfect for adult bedrooms or living areas that do not get dirty easily.

4: Make Your Own Rug

Are you searching for a personal touch? Try making your own rug and express your creative style. The simplest way to do this is to purchase a large piece of canvas, have the edges hemmed, and then paint it using fabric paint. Everyone who sees it will know that it is special and unique.

5: Invest In Quality

A quality rug, especially one that has been handcrafted, is an investment for your future. If rugs are well-cared for, they can last for generations and their value holds this long also. There are very cheap rugs on the market, but there are also high-quality rugs that will add sophistication and style to any home.

6: Go Bold With Colour

With so many styles of rugs on the market, choose something that really stands out. Bright and bold colours will bring any dull room to life. A large rug that stands out will transform your entire room.

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