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Prevent your Carpet from Fading with These Tricks!

There’s no real way to fix fading carpet except to replace it. It’s an expensive thing to do when a carpet’s life can be prolonged with some simple tricks to avoid it from fading in the first place.

Carpet will eventually fade over time of course due to a number of reasons such as sunlight, carpet cleaners and even certain spills or residue from medications and moisturises.

You can prevent this from happening sooner rather than later with these simple tricks!

Reduce Sunlight

Reducing strong sunlight will help stop your carpet fading. Pull the blinds down or draw the curtains when you are not home, particularly in summer, when the harsh sun may be reflected from your window and directly on your carpet. There are also window film tints available, which block UV and reflect heat. These are easy to apply and are worth investing in to prolong the life of your carpet. Keeping blinds and curtains drawn in summer will also help reduce your power bill – so it’s win-win!

Stay Clean On Your Hands And Feet

Do you moisturise or use medications on your hands and feet? You may not realise it, but exposing carpet to these chemicals can also cause it to fade over time. Acne medications and those for conditions like Athlete’s Foot can stain your carpet and cause it to fade. Wear socks around the house and make sure your hands are clean. Use gloves when working with household chemicals such as bleach or chemical cleaners.

Clean Stains Straight Away

If a spill happens try to clean it before it’s too late. Spills penetrate carpet, causing the carpet to stain or fade. The longer a stain is left, the harder it is to get it out of the carpet. Use a damp cloth or spot carpet cleaner to clean spills soon after they have happened.

Use Salt On Your Carpet

It sounds a bit strange, but a small amount of salt rubbed on carpet can help seal in the colour and keep it looking fresher for longer. Pop it on stains or rugs and vacuum it up afterwards.

There is no magical fix that will allow carpet to never fade. However, a few small tricks could save you a lot of money and keep your carpet looking fresh for years to come! Buying good quality carpets is the best way to keep them looking good long term.

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