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Rugged Up: Warm your Home this Winter

Flooring Experts in Brisbane, QLDWith the increasing popularity of hardwood flooring used throughout entire homes in Australia, many people are turning their attention towards rugs in their home to inject a much needed splash of colour and bring a touch of warmth to their home. Unfortunately with this comes a frenzy of ‘pop up’ rug warehouses that claim to slash prices in what seems like their umpteenth ‘closing down sale’, where often the quality of these rugs leaves a lot to be desired.

Here at Bennetts Carpets, we don’t claim to be perennially closing down, and our rugs are never second rate when it comes to quality. While we don’t slash prices, we consistently offer competitive rates for our rugs and floor coverings, so our customers can be assured of great quality rugs at very reasonable prices. So why are rugs so popular, especially in cooler months? We share the reasons in our latest post.

There are rugs for every personality, taste and style

The beauty of rugs is that they are as varied as the people who buy them. And by that we mean rugs vary in colour, pattern, style, size, shape and composition. This means no matter what interior design of your home, whether traditional or contemporary, there is a rug to complement it. If you want to change or add to the décor of your home, rugs can be replaced, added or moved to other areas of the house making refreshing the look and feel of your property not only easy, but also rewarding.

Rugs inject warmth and underfoot comfort

Since many modern home-owners are moving towards hard flooring throughout their homes, floor rugs inject often much needed ambient and physical warmth into a room. They don’t even necessarily need to be large rugs, since a well-placed modest sized rug in a high traffic area can keep you comfortable and feet warm in cooler months.

Versatile, Flexible & Protect Your Floor

Perhaps best of all, rugs can be taken with you, from one room or one home to another. Plus a quality rug that’s been well looked after will last a lifetime. Rugs also protect wooden floors from being scratched or scraped and when placed under furniture reduce unnecessary movement and help to stabilise chairs and tables.

Whether it’s for practical, interior design or comfort purposes, rugs are among the most flexible floor covering available on the market, and their popularity is here to stay. When it comes to rugs, quality is key to get a product that will last, look great and continue to please. Since buying a rug is a ‘feeling and touching’ process, we encourage everyone in the market for quality rugs to browse our extensive range of Brisbane rugs, at our Cleveland showroom. For more information about our rugs, or any other of our flooring options, don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 653 314.


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