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Choose a Carpet Compatible for your Home

Flooring Experts in Brisbane, QLDWe hear first-hand that customers love our huge selection of different carpets at our mega carpet showroom in Cleveland. However that doesn’t mean that they aren’t sometimes a little overwhelmed with all the variety we have on offer including the numerous materials, styles and colours available. For this reason the friendly Bennetts Carpet crew have put together a guide of things to consider when choosing your next carpet to ensure you end up with a flooring solution that will suit you and your family and you’ll fall in love with.

What Is Your Preferred Style Of Pile?

Some carpets have deeper piles; while others have a pile is shallower and less dense. Asking yourself how you want your carpet to feel underfoot can help to decide which carpet to pick. If you are attempting a cosy feel in the room you’ll probably prefer a deeper pile and carpet that is flatter and denser in appearance is often more suited to those with children and pets since it is usually harder wearing.

What Are The Maintenance Requirements Of The Carpet?

Despite most carpets offering some form of protection from stains, certain styles of carpets are more prone to trapping dirt and some easier to clean than others. Longer varieties like shag are generally more maintenance than shorter standard loop-cut carpets, and certain varieties may need more ongoing treatment than others. Make sure you ask us about the maintenance instructions for your carpet of choice.

How Heavy Is The Foot Traffic Where The Carpet Will Be Laid?

If you’re on a budget we strongly recommend laying most the hard wearing and stain resistant carpets in areas of the home that will receive the most foot traffic, e.g. entrance hallways and living areas. Lower cost carpets can then be placed in rooms that are used less often, like a study or spare bedroom.

What Are The Colours And Tones Of Existing Décor?

When it comes to choosing a carpet’s shade and colour we recommend contrasting lighter coloured carpets with darker furniture and décor, and choosing darker carpets for lighter decor. Asking what mood or tone you want to convey also helps colour choice, as warm colours like peach or tan can enhance a feeling of space in a room, and aqua and green shades can create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the home.

A final recommendation: Since photos rarely capture the complete feel of a carpet, call into our showroom at 77 Shore Street, Cleveland. Our huge range of carpet colours and styles truly must be seen to be believed. Alternatively arrange for our mobile carpet showroom to come to you. We have great quality bamboo flooring, rugs, carpets and much much more! To find out more call us today – 1300 653 314.

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