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Time to go Timber? Timber Flooring’s Timeless Appeal

Wooden Floor — Flooring Experts in Brisbane, QLDFlooring styles, like most trends and fashions tend to come and go. For example, that brown and orange patterned linoleum floor looked hot in the seventies, but doesn’t hold up so well today.  We’re happy to report that there is one exception to this flooring rule, and it’s known as timber flooring, which looks just as good today as it did in bygone eras. Timber and hardwood flooring has timeless appeal with its clean, classic but also contemporary character.As well as sourcing sensational carpets, Bennetts Carpets are also your timber flooring specialists and service the Brisbane, Redlands and Logan areas. In today’s news article we look at some of the benefits and unique appeal of this flooring style and explain why this option remains a sought after and a continually popular choice from our customers.

Superior Strength And Durability

Timber and hardwood will outlast and outperform other flooring products with its lifetime durability when compared to other floor coverings which may need to be replaced after several years of use.

Easy To Clean With Fresh Appearance

Timber flooring is low maintenance and is quick and easy to clean. This results in an ongoing fresh and ‘like-new’ appearance. Spills and stains are a non-issue with timber floors since they can be easily wiped out, with mopping and vacuuming removing virtually all dirt and dust on the floors surface compared to other flooring options where dirt can easily become trapped.

Allergen And Dust Free

Asthma sufferers and those who are allergy prone will breathe easy, since solid timber flooring gives less opportunity for dust mites to nest and breed. Because of their easy cleaning potential timber flooring will not trap dust and other allergens.

Adds Value, Warmth And A Touch Of Prestige

Timber flooring has been proven to sell homes and has a high perceived value, but at the same time still is an affordable option. No characteristics of timber are exactly the same, with a variety of species available each with different grains, patterns and colours. This makes each floor unique and brings visual appeal and character. Timber floors are synonymous with elegance and class, giving homes a luxurious finish while creating a memorable impression for visitors in your home.

Unique Underfoot Feel And Appeal

Timber floors also ‘appeal to your heel’ without feeling too hard underfoot when standing for longer periods. The surface of timber flooring stays cool during summer without feeling cold in winter months like slate, tile or stone flooring can.

With the combined benefits of durability, low maintenance, unique character and timeless looks, it’s easy to see why timber flooring remains as popular today as it always has been. With Bennetts Carpets proud to supply and install quality timber flooring options throughout the Brisbane, Redlands and Logan areas, making the choice to go timber is a simple, affordable and hassle free one. To find out more please visit us at our showroom located at 77 Shore Street, Cleveland.


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