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5 Timber Floor Maintenance Tips for your Home

Whether it’s an iconic Queenslander or a more modern installation, timber floors are among the most popular flooring options. And there’s a good reason for this: timber floors look amazing! That’s why they have been around for centuries. But timber floors won’t last as well as they can without the right care. Timber floor maintenance is absolutely crucial and when done right, it can keep your timber floors looking great for the rest of your life.

You’ve probably heard this all before though – so how is it done? Well, there are plenty of different timber floor maintenance routines that work. However, all timber floors need the same basic care. That’s why we have listed our go-to timber floor maintenance tips below.

Doormats At Every Entrance To Your Home Can Really Help With Timber Floor Maintenance

Let’s start with the basics: doormats! If you’re a little confused, stay with us – your doormat is actually your best friend when it comes to timber floor maintenance. And the reason for that is simple: doormats keep dust, dirt, and sand away from your lovely timber floors. It’s important that you keep dust, dirt, and sand away from your timber floors because they are quite abrasive. When you walk over them, it has a pretty similar effect to sandpaper; it wears away at your floor’s finish. And that can make timber floor maintenance much harder in the future. Consider your doormats a preventative measure – and a very good one at that.

Timber Floor Maintenance Should Always Include Mopping And Vacuuming Frequently

Of course, even the most diligently positioned doormats won’t keep all the dirt out. Inevitably, some grit and grime will make it onto your timber floors. That’s why vacuuming and mopping is such an important part of timber floor maintenance. Vacuuming at least once a week will make sure that the dirt and grit doesn’t get out of control. Mopping with a damp mop will then pick up the smaller particles and grime. The end result will be better protection for the beautiful finish of your timber floors!

Remember Water Damages Timber, So Avoid Using Wet Mops For Timber Floor Maintenance

You might have noticed in our last tip that we mentioned a damp mop. We chose those words very carefully; a damp mop is always better for timber floor maintenance than a wet mop. In fact, a wet mop will do more harm than good. Remember, timber absorbs water and expands. This means that if you use an overly wet mop, your timber floorboards will actually absorb some of the water. In turn, this will cause them to swell and soften. In the worst cases, they can even split. So go for the damp mop over the wet one – it will make your timber floor maintenance a lot more effective.

Place Floor Protectors On All Of Your Furniture To Make Your Timber Floor Maintenance Easier

A big part of timber floor maintenance is prevention – as they say, prevention is better than a cure! And that’s a big part of this tip: use floor protectors on your furniture! Floor protectors prevent your chair legs and couch feet from scratching your timber floors every time you sit down. Without them, timber floor maintenance would be very challenging!

Not All Timber Floor Maintenance Is Easy – For The Harder Jobs, Contact A Professional

So far, we have covered some pretty basic, but still very effective floor maintenance tips. But we have only d the surface! If your timber floors are looking a little worse for wear, you might need some professional help. Flooring specialists will have the advanced tools and expertise to restore even the most embattled timber floors! So don’t be afraid to enlist their help when you need it.

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