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Choosing Carpet for your Home? A Guide for Pet Owners

Choosing carpet: it has to be one of the most painstaking home improvement decisions you’ll make. But it can be really rewarding too! Not just for you, but also for your pet. Your pet is another member of the family, and in Australia, almost half of all households have one. Whether you’ve got a cat, a dog, or another furry companion, choosing the right carpet is important. So how do you know which carpet is right for you and your pet? Well, there are a lot of things to consider. You have to look at things like comfort, durability, and appearance. To help you out, we have listed our top tips for choosing carpet for your home.

Choosing Carpet for your Home: Is it Suitable for Pet Owners? Of Course!

Is carpet suitable for pet owners? That is one of the main questions we get, and our answer is always an unequivocal yes! Carpets and pets go excellently together and there are a few reasons why. Firstly, comfort. You probably know from experience that carpet is much easier underfoot than hardwood or tiles. Well, the same applies to your pet. Carpets make for a great place to lie down as well, and in winter your pet won’t be subject to the harsh coldness of a tiled floor. After all, your pet uses the floor more than anyone.

The second reason that carpets and pets go so well together is traction. You’ve probably seen an excited puppy take a tumble around the corner on a hardwood floor before and sure, it’s pretty cute. But the fact is, your dog or cat will struggle to find grip on hard floors, which can be problematic. With carpet, it’s no worries!

With Pets, Choosing Carpet for your Home Means Choosing the Right Colour

If you’re a little worried about keeping your carpet clean of cat or dog hair, let us put your mind at ease. Effectively choosing carpet for your home will allow you to sidestep this issue. Simply choose a colour that is similar to your pet’s fur. This will make it far less visible and it will leave everyone with timber or tiled floors looking at you with envy! But then you have the issue of dirt. Luckily, that’s easy to dodge as well. If dirt is your main concern, go for a darker carpet colour. This will hide any muddy paw prints well, leaving you plenty of time to get to them.

When you’re Choosing Carpet for your Home, Look for Stain Resistant Options

If you’re already well into your carpet search, it will probably come as no surprise to learn that they come in all shapes, colours and sizes. They also come in many different materials. Some of these stand up to stains very well, while others are a little more susceptible. If you have a pet, choosing carpet for your home means choosing carpet that will stand up to some punishment. So look for carpets that are more stain resistant – it will be well worth it in the long run.

Choosing Carpet for your Home is One Half of the Battle – Maintenance is the Other!

No matter what carpet you choose, maintenance is very important. Our pets really know how to put carpet through its paces, so staying on top of the vacuuming and occasional shampooing will put the odds in your favour. The longer you leave stains and dirt, the more it will penetrate the fibres. So get any stains or spills quickly, and you and your pet will enjoy beautiful carpet for years to come.

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