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10 Sensational Living Room Carpet and Wall Colour Combinations for 2019

Looking for inspiration on carpet and wall colour combinations for your living room? Inspired by Dulux’s 2019 colour palettes, we decided to put together a list of our favourite shades of the season, perfectly matched with our favourite living room carpet and timber floor colours. This is the perfect guide if you’re looking to renovate your living space with Dulux’s fantastic colour palettes for 2019.

Carpet And Wall Colour Combinations For Your Living Room

Dulux’s Legacy Palette: Ideas For Living Room Carpet

In Dulux’s 2019 Legacy colour palette, bold, rich hues like aubergine, chocolate, deep aqua and dark crimson are balanced with softer shades in lilac, mauve, sienna and dusty coral. This is the perfect palette if you’re looking to create an atmosphere where old-world charm meets new-world chic.

If you’re inspired by the Legacy colour palette, here are some suggestions for flooring and wall colour combinations.

Colour Combination #1: Autumnal & Regal

The colours: Dusty coral (Shepherd’s Warning S03G7) and rich purple chocolate (Federation Brown S02C8)

Our recommendations for flooring to match: To create the perfect relaxing ambience, we recommend complementing this classic, autumnal palette with a lush carpet or soft rug in a shade of warm vanilla or sophisticated grey.

Colour Combination #2: Dusky & Sophisticated

The colours: Rich aubergine (Purple Verbena S45C9) and deep dusky mauve (Hothouse Orchid A8)

Our recommendations for flooring to match: Try pairing this sophisticated palette with dark red or deep burgundy Jarrah timber floorboards. An Oriental or kilim rug in shades of red and plum will tie everything together nicely.

Colour Combination #3: Rich & Soft Tones

The colours: Clean peach (Porcelain Crab S07F3) and deep burnt crimson (Belly Fire A67)

Our recommendations for flooring to match: Choose beautiful pale pink, soft red or red-brown timber in Flooded Rose Gum for a soft glowing aesthetic.

Colour Combination #4: Rustic Bliss

The colours: Muted sienna brown (Indian Reed S07D7)

Our recommendations for flooring to match: This gorgeous muted brown pairs well with classic bamboo floorboards in golden brown, natural blond or chestnut.

Colour Combination #5: Pure Elegance

The colours: Deep decadent aqua (Deep Aqua S32B9) and soft lilac (Legendary Lilac S48C3)

Our recommendation for flooring to match: Ground the two shades with a sophisticated, strong and stable dark grey carpet to create a sense of calm and composure. Alternatively, seek out Brushbox timber for its rich colour, red-pink brown shades and unique, wavy and interlocking grain.

Colour Combination #6: Restrained & Classic

The colours: Mid-blue periwinkle (Trustee S37E6) and delicate pink (Pink Linen Half S01D1H)

Our recommendations for flooring to match: Exquisite timber floorboards in pale cream or soft rosy brown Blackbutt will make this colour scheme shine.

Dulux’s Wholeself Palette: Carpet Designs For Living Room

Dulux’s 2019 Wholeself colour palette features gentle shades of soft mauve-grey and calm pinks.

If you’re inspired by the serene aesthetic of the Wholeself colour palette, here are some ideas for paint colour and floor combinations.

Colour Combination #8: Cool & Relaxing

The colours: Soft green (New Life S27A3) and soft warm grey (Silver Thaw GR6)

Our recommendations for flooring to match: For this stylish combination, we recommend chestnut or stone grey bamboo floors.

Colour Combination #7: Italian Sophistication

The colours: Deep mauve-grey (Modest Mauve S43A4), soft sandy brown (Lama A122) and soft terracotta (Italian Clay A101)

Our recommendations for flooring to match: Choose rich chocolate or pale grey-brown Spotted Gum timber for a refined finish.

Dulux’s Repair Palette: Timber Floors For Living Room

Dulux’s 2019 Wholeself colour palette features subtle earthy neutrals and rich greens.

Enamoured with the warm, nurturing beauty of the Repair palette? Here are our paint and flooring ideas.

Colour Combination #9: Natural Relaxation

The colours: Soft moss green (New Neutral S19B2), rust (Cinnamon Sand A122) and dark chocolate-grey (Beggar S14D9)

Our recommendation for flooring to match: The rich red colouring of red mahogany timber pairs well with this serene colour palette. If you’re keen to extend the natural theme to eco-friendly timber flooring, we recommend rustic or stone grey bamboo.

Colour Combination #10: Vintage & Natural

The colours: Deep grey-green moss (Ohai Half NZ9B8), rich red-brown (Auburn Flair S09F8) and deep pine green (Plasticine A271)

Our recommendation for flooring to match: Pairing these colours with a soft woollen carpet in beige, taupe, mushroom or cream will make your interior feel both classically vintage and effortlessly modern. Alternatively, opt for stunning timber floorboards in a pale brown hue such as Stringybark.

Dulux’s Identity Palette: Living Room Carpet Ideas

If you like rich, invigorating shades with artful colour clashing, Dulux’s Identity colour palette is for you. Here are our favourite combinations to make the most of this creative and striking palette.

Colour Combination #11: Quirky & Exuberant

The colours: soft golden peach (Apricot Fool S10H3), soft marigold (Golden Sand S13H6) and dark brick red (Strong Strawberry S05F9)

Our recommendation for flooring to match: We recommend pairing this eccentric yet gorgeous palette with a timber that exudes plenty of character, such as Tasmanian oak, for its creamy light-brown shade, growth rings and delicate grain.

Colour Combination #12: Bold & Creative

The colours: Bright navy (Mondrian Blue S39H9) and pale blue-grey (Blue Bayou S41D1)

Our recommendation for flooring to match: Team this bright and cheery palette with a white carpet to create a sense of movement and vibrancy. If you’d prefer timber, we recommend natural strand-woven bamboo or dark coffee brown carbonised bamboo.

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