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Sheep Thrills: Uncover Shear Curiosity with Wool Carpet

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No, we’re not trying to pull the wool over your eyes. You really can win with wool. But you don’t have to take our word for it. As a natural fibre, wool has been used in many industries for centuries and as a carpet option it’s undoubtedly a luxurious and premium choice. We explain the unique properties of this miracle fibre as well as the benefits of wool carpet as beautiful flooring option.


1.      Its durability: Wool is incredibly resilient. Each wool strand is similar to a spiral or spring giving it a natural elasticity. This means that if it’s under heavy objects and high levels of foot traffic, fibres literally bounce back meaning its luxurious appearance is never compromised.

2.      Naturally stain resistant: With over 80 per cent of stains on carpet being water based, wool carpet’s natural stain resistant properties prevent water based liquids from penetrating into the fibres. Instead liquid will form beads on the surface giving you time to wipe them up before they can be absorbed. This protective outer lay also helps to trap dirt which can easily be vacuumed.

3.      Many Textures: Wool has the supreme ability to be woven in a variety of textures and designs. These varieties of patterns that are available mean the choices for homeowners when working with wool are plentiful. The visual composition of wool is lustrous and luxurious giving it the longest lifespan of any carpet option.

4.       Colourfastness: Wool’s natural ability to take in dyes means that its colourfastness is locked in at a molecular level. Many of the depths of colours available in wool carpet cannot be replicated with other fibres like nylon, or other synthetic fibres.

5.      Supreme Comfort: The complete softness of wool carpet cannot be achieved with any other type of carpet – or flooring style. It’s the obvious carpet choice for people looking to create a sophisticated and comforting interior. The natural moisture of wool carpet gives them natural resistance to static, stopping those annoying electric shocks.

6.      Non-Allergenic:  As well as being naturally fire retardant, wool carpet is safe for asthmatics with wool acting as a natural filter for dust and dander which do not stay trapped with regular vacuuming.

7.      Kind to the environment: Wool is a 100 per cent renewable resource, as well as being completely biodegradable since they are made from naturally occurring proteins. Additionally wool works well when recycled in insulation products and reformed as decorative rugs. Wool is a very energy efficient product, using little energy to produce, acting as a naturally insulator for the home reducing use of heating and cooling appliances.

Why wool? As one of Queensland’s most recognisable independent flooring retailers, Bennett’s Carpet know carpets and look forward to explaining more about wool carpet. Come in and meet our friendly team today at 77 Shore Street, Cleveland and see our impressive selection of wool carpet on display in all textures, patterns and colours!


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