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Cream Carpets – To Do or Not to Do?

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Cream Carpet – On Trend Or A No No?

Cream carpets can make an ordinary house into a luxurious home. It gives any room an open feel and coordinates with any furniture trend. With enough upkeep and care, it will give your house a stylish look for years to come. However, cream carpets are high maintenance. They require a lot of dedication and careful cleaning treatment. Read on to discover some of the pros and cons of owning a cream carpet.

Pros Of Laying Cream Carpet In Your Home

Cream Looks Stylish And Modern

In the right setting, cream carpets can make your home look stylish and modern. Cream is a very clean colour and it makes any room it is placed in look bright and fresh. As a common colour choice for new homes and renovations, there are plenty of carpet designs to choose from that come in cream. From plush pile to smooth, practical carpeting solutions, cream carpet will give your home a refined look that will make you eager to welcome guests.

Cream Matches Anything

Being a neutral colour, cream carpets will match any furniture or curtains you put inside your home. Cream brings out the appeal of rustic furniture and it also matches up well with sleek modern furnishings. If you’re into feng shui, cream carpets work perfectly in the centre of your household and the soft colour goes really well with beach style homes. No matter how you design your home, there is always a way to make cream carpets work with your style.

Cons When It Comes To Cream

They Stain Easily

Unfortunately, since cream carpets are so pale, they stain easily. Wine, sauce, paint – anything that gets dropped on cream carpets may cause a significant stain. The worst part about cream carpet stains is that they are very hard to get out. This means if you do end up accidentally staining cream carpet, those stains are almost guaranteed to be there for life without careful, professional cleaning. Not only is this a pain for you, it can reduce the appeal of your carpet and turn it from a lovely cream colour to a messy and patchy stained yellow or brown colour.

You Can See Dust Build Up

As with stains, dust and dirt is very easy to spot on cream carpets, unlike darker carpets which can hide this type of build-up. This means that cream carpets need to be cleaned in a consistent fashion. If you’re a busy person, you may find it hard to clean every square inch of carpet every so often. If so, you may end up with a very grotty looking cream carpet, so it’s very important to consider if a cream carpet is right for your lifestyle.

Colour Fades

Cream carpet has the tendency to fade over time. This fading can be accelerated by direct contact with sunlight on a daily basis. Fading can turn a beautiful cream carpet into a dull, dreary mess. Unless you are able to protect the carpet during the hottest times of the day, you will end up with a carpet that will bring down the atmosphere of your room.

Should I Get A Cream Carpet?

Still not sure whether you want cream carpet in your home? Here are several things you need to consider if you’re still dreaming about owning cream carpet.

Avoid It If You Have Young Children Or Pets

Lots of parents have regretted getting cream carpets when they have babies or toddlers. The same can be said for pet owners. It’s not hard to understand why this is the case. If you really want to get cream carpet but you have kids, consider waiting until they are older, or reserving your cream carpet for rooms that are ‘out of bounds’ to young kids. Be sure your pets are toilet trained too. There’s nothing worse than urine stains on cream carpets!

How Often You Vacuum

If you’re an avid vacuumer, chances are you’ll be able to maintain the upkeep needed for clean carpets. However, if you know you’re a bit relaxed when it comes to carpet cleaning, perhaps consider a darker shade of carpet that can hide small traces of fluff and dust.

If You’re Able To Prevent Colour Fade

If you have sun-blocking curtains in your home, chances are your carpet will be safe from fading. As long as you have a way to prevent colour fading, your carpet will remain bright and lovely.

Where You Are Putting The Carpet

To prevent stains or fading, it’s important to consider where you are putting your cream carpet. For longevity, it’s recommended that cream carpet should be installed in places where stains or fading won’t be an issue. This includes places such as living rooms and bedrooms.  Avoid putting it in stain prone areas such as dining rooms, kids’ play rooms, near kitchens or near pet doors.

Cream carpets can either be the best feature of your house or the bane of your existence. Be sure to study your house and consider if cream carpets are right for you. If you need any help deciding on a cream carpet, the team at Bennetts is here to help choose the right carpet for you.

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