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How to Choose a Rug

Flooring Experts in Brisbane, QLD Rugs offer a considerable utility to any living space, in both a practical and stylish capacity. To utilise your rug to the greatest possible extent, you must take into account a number of factors. From the type of rug, to its size and placement, there are numerous features that can add that extra dimension to your rug and your living space as a whole. It is undeniable that personal taste is the most significant element of rug selection, however outlined below is a number of helpful hints to ensure that you choose a rug perfect for you.



What Rugs Are Suitable For What Living Spaces?

Not only can rugs improve the décor of your house, but also they can offer a practical advantage in a number of areas. This should be at the forefront of your mind when considering your selection.

  • Living room

This is arguably the predominate space in which a homemaker will require a rug. It is often here that you will entertain guests or host social events and as such, you may wish to anchor the colour scheme or design of the room with a rug, or create a stylish focal point for the space. In this case, a rug will have to be adequately sized and strategically positioned. Many industry experts advise a rug big enough for furniture to fit on. In a living room setting, this can be challenging as couches, coffee tables and any other furniture can occupy a great deal of space. In such instances, designers suggest a rug upon which at least the first legs of any chairs or couches can be arranged.

Should space be at a premium in your home, a useful tactic is to choose a smaller rug with a bold and colourful design – professionals often favour flowers or bright shapes. This will draw a central focus and create a more spacious atmosphere in your living space, however it is important not to cover such a rug with furniture; allow it to draw the guest’s attention. An alternative approach might be to select a rug the same width as the couch and place it on an angle. This is perhaps a little abstract for some, however it can create a considerably more modern look than other conventional placements and has the potential to highlight the room’s angles thus creating a focal point. Should the latter of these options appeal to you, interior designers advise that the edge of the rug not be positioned to close or too far from the wall; there is a balance required and that is entirely a matter of your preferences as the homemaker.

  • Bathroom

The bathroom is often overlooked as a space in which a rug might be suitable, however a rug can greatly improve the ambience of your bathroom in a number of ways. Typically, a rug will only work in a relatively large bathroom – you don’t want your rug within range of a splash from the sink or shower. In such bathrooms, a rug can be selected to match your assortment of towels and bathmats for a uniformed and ordered appearance. Brightly coloured rugs and towels can create a modern atmosphere, whilst more neutral colours offer a more classical and elegant appeal. When deciding upon which of these is suitable for your home, you may wish to consider the nature of your bathroom and the remaining rooms of your house – are they designed with more classically elegant undertones or are they underpinned by the principles of modern design?

Additionally, a rug in this setting offers the great practical advantage of floor insulation. Tiles will often reach uncomfortably low temperatures, particularly in winter and a bathroom rug can considerably lessen this. As such, thicker rugs are often favourable for use in a bathroom. The guidelines for rug placement in a bathroom differ from those suggested for the living room. It is suggested by most experts, that a bathroom rug be relatively small and centrally placed – perhaps with some skew towards the sink. This will ensure that the area of the bathroom upon which people will stand most frequently, is covered. Furthermore, a rug in this position will anchor the room and link with the matching towels, should that be the case.

  • Bedroom

The bedroom is a fantastic place to add a rug and it is remarkable exactly how much it can add to the ambience of the space. There are an extensive variety of factors with regard to the selection and placement of a rug in a bedroom but for the purposes of simplicity, this guide will place emphasis on one of the more basic suggestions – minimalism and simplicity. This is particularly applicable when selecting a bedroom rug because, more often than not, the desired atmosphere of a bedroom is one of cosiness. Loud colours and sharp designs work well in living spaces, but can become overpowering in the bedroom and greatly lessen its quiet appeal. Consequently, it is advisable to select a larger rug of neutral colour – perhaps a similar colour to your bed linen. Some designers suggest a rug shaped similarly to your bed, but longer so it can extend into the unoccupied floor space at the foot of your bed. This is a very effective way in which to pull a large space together and in doing so, greatly enhance the cosy environment of your bedroom. The rug should also account for any bedside tables in the room. Any auxiliary furniture of this nature would ideally fit on the rug, although if this is not practical then there are many alternatives – this is entirely your prerogative as homemaker.

It may seem as thought there is an overwhelming number of factors in how to choose a rug for your home, however this guide can be simplified by one easy phrase – match the hatch. If you are looking to expand upon the already modern and contemporary design of your home and its furniture, make your selection with this in mind. Alternatively, if it is classic elegance around which you have modelled your living spaces, adhere to that theme in the selection of your rug. The final choice lies with you as the homemaker – choose what feels right and seek input from industry professionals. These are all the tools you need to turn your home into a designer living space with the simple addition of a rug.

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