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Seven Benefits of Carpet Tiles in your Home

Before you replace your old worn-out carpet, STOP! Imagine all the flooring possibilities!

No longer do you have to battle with run-down and stained carpet. Flooring options are unlimited and can completely transform your home from drab to on trend with little cost. This is just one benefit of carpet tiles.

Carpet Tiles—What are the Benefits?

Your carpet needs replacing and this can be a very expensive job, which is why you need to take a minute to think about all of your options. You work hard for your money so don’t waste it when there could be a more convenient and cheaper option available. Before you make your decision on flooring, read these seven benefits of carpet tiles, you might just be surprised!

#1 Versatile

Whether you are looking to redo your flooring at home or in your commercial business space, carpet tiles are not only suitable but also perfect for both.

If you want flooring that says your home is earthy and relaxed or an office that says we are here for strictly business, there are options to suit your requirements.

#2 Cost-Effective

Cost plays a big part in most purchasing decisions; more often than not it is the deciding factor. When purchasing floor coverings, people often forget that there is more to buying carpet than choosing the colour, the type of pile and simply paying for it. You have to take into account underlay and installation as well.

This quickly increases the low cost of $18 per square metre for carpet to $50 per square metre including underlay/installation; this adds up when you are replacing the whole carpeted area. For example, if the carpeted area in your home were 95 square metres the cost for carpet alone would be $1710, but once you add installation and underlay, this jumps to $4750—a difference of over $3000.

Carpet tiles are the cheaper carpet alternative not just due to installation costs but the product price as well!

FYI: Cheaper doesn’t always mean lesser quality!

#3 Easy DIY

Not everyone is a master at DIY but carpet tiles make it possible for even the most amateur DIYer to have perfectly laid flooring.

No underlay is needed so you can lay carpet tiles straight over the top of laminate, concrete or wooden floors without fear you have missed any steps. They are great for zones with oddly shaped floors because they require minimal effort to fit them. They are a real time saver!

#4 Design

This is the fun part of choosing new flooring. The colours, the patterns and the atmosphere they are going to create with wall-to-wall seamless installation. Depending on the look you want to achieve, carpet tiles give home owners and renters the opportunity to try their hand at interior design.

Most people automatically think of boring, square-shaped pieces when they hear carpet tiles—but carpet tiles are available in several shapes and sizes. Hexagons, rectangles, squares, triangles and trapezoids; which means that you can create your very own original designs with very little effort.

Mix and match colours to produce a trendsetting appearance and play around with patterns to introduce a bit of fun into the room. Carpet tiles open up a world of design possibilities.

#5 Practical

Practicality is a must for any flooring, which is what makes carpet tiles so endearing. When you damage your carpet beyond repair or you have a stain in the middle of your living room, you aren’t going to want to cut a patch of floor covering out. It is highly likely that your carpet will have experienced some form of fading over time and could possibly result in a dodgy patch-up job. This will leave an eyesore just as big as, if not larger than, the original stain.

Carpet tiles eliminate this stress. If a tile or two is damaged, or your high-traffic areas are worn with use, you can simply replace the ruined pieces by taking the old tiles out and slotting new ones in their place.

#6 Durable

If you intend to actually use your flooring, you want it to be durable. You want it to be resilient enough to handle traffic in all areas while keeping wear and tear to a minimum. Carpet tiles may not be as tough as some other carpet types but they are hardwearing and designed to withstand the hard conditions in the home and commercial offices.

#7 Easy to Maintain

The last thing you want to do at the end of the day is tiptoe around your own house in case you dirty the carpet or accidentally spill something. Thankfully carpet tiles are designed to be low-maintenance. This is particularly important if you have young children or pets because, as any parent or pet owner knows, sometimes it’s unavoidable that mess will get squashed into the carpet!

Regular cleaning should be performed, just as you would for other carpet types. Vacuum daily if surface dirt is visible, and every other day if the floor appears clean. This will help to reduce damage to the carpet by ensuring the abrasive dirt particles don’t work their way into the carpet fibres.

If spills occur, you should act immediately to avoid permanent damage. Dab with soapy water but be cautious not to use too much as this can potentially cause further damage that results in mould and mildew. Dab the area dry with a clean, dry cloth.

There is nothing wrong with opting for a cheaper alternative to carpet. Especially when it offers so many benefits to both you and your home’s appearance. It is important, however, that before you make your flooring decision, you consider all the options for your home or office. Bright yellow and black hexagons may not be the best choice for a lawyer’s office, just as white lined flooring isn’t advisable for the dining room used by young children.

If you are looking for just one standout benefit of carpet tiles, you won’t find it. You will continue to realise just how affordable, convenient and versatile this flooring actually is!

To discuss the benefits of carpet tiles in further detail, give the professional team at Bennetts Carpets a call today on 1300 653 314!


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