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The Pros and Cons of Bamboo Flooring for your Home

Bamboo flooring is fast becoming a trendy floor covering for the home. But like any floor product, there are pros and cons of bamboo flooring for your home.

The reason bamboo flooring is becoming more popular is because it’s competitive in price to other natural floor coverings, has a native aesthetic and has an ecofriendly footprint when harvested and supplied.

But they are just some of the positive reasons for choosing bamboo flooring.

Here is what you need to know when considering bamboo flooring for your home.

Pros Of Using Bamboo Flooring

1. It’s Visually Stunning

Bamboo flooring is attractive to home renovators because it offers a natural look and can provide a beautiful, rustic, warm tone to a home. Bamboo comes in a range of stains and finishes to offer maximum choice for the consumer. It is fast becoming a trendy floor covering as it can add elegance to a space and has the appearance and feel to a timber floor. Yet Bamboo offers a different tonal texture that hardwood floors don’t. If you want to make a stunning visual statement in your home, bamboo floors are the way to go.

3. It’s An Eco-Friendly Product

More homeowners are choosing products that are environmentally sustainable as opposed to products that are mass-produced. Bamboo flooring is an environmentally conscious product as it is grown in sustainable forests and when harvested, has little effect on the other plants and animal life that surround it. Bamboo is a grass and can replenish within 3 to 6 years as opposed to other hardwood timbers which have a growth turnaround of 20 years.

4. It’s Durable And Easy To Maintain

Bamboo floors are easy to clean and require little day-to-day maintenance. They can be swept, vacuumed or ‘swifted’ to pick up debris and dust. The floors can also be washed with a damp mop or cleaned with a non-wax, non-alkaline hardwood cleaner. When the floors are becoming a little worse for wear over a few years, they can be sanded down and refinished back to their original look.

5. It’s Water Resistant

Bamboo floors are a little more resistant to water than it’s engineered timber competitors, but water should be immediately wiped up to prevent long-term warping and stains.

6. Price

Bamboo flooring is similarly priced to hardwood floors. It’s important to avoid choosing budget products because they will deteriorate and won’t be hard-wearing. Bennetts Carpets offer several styles and stains of bamboo flooring and they guarantee cost efficiency.

Cons For Bamboo Flooring

1. Price

If the budget for flooring is tight, Bamboo may not be affordable compared to cheaper floor coverings like vinyl, carpet tiles, lino and even some tiles.

2. It Will Show Scratches

Bamboo floors are hard-wearing, but they can still show scratches just as much as a hardwood floor. Pet claws, high heels and furniture can be the cause of these scratches. But these add character to your home and after a few years, the floor can be re-sanded back to its original look.

3. Water Damage And Stains

Although Bamboo flooring is more water resistant than some timber floors, it is still prone to water damage if the water isn’t mopped up after a spill. Moisture and humidity can warp the floor boards and in the event of a flood, the bamboo floor will need to be replaced.

4. Environmental Concerns

Like any product that is produced for commercial purposes, treatments are added for adhesion and to ensure the product is long-lasting for both commercial and residential use. There is a concern for Volatile Organic Chemicals being released into the air of the interiors over time due to the processes involved when manufacturing the bamboo floor planks. But these concerns haven’t deterred many from choosing this floor product.

Bamboo floors are a solid choice for your home. All things considered, the pros certainly outweigh the cons and many happy customers don’t regret their decision to install bamboo flooring in their home.

If you’re considering Bamboo Floors for your home, why not contact the team at Bennetts Carpets. They have a great selection of bamboo flooring for you to consider.


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