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Steal the Design Idea: Top Carpets Used in Brisbane Display Homes

Sick of sad, lacklustre carpet? Want a modern vibe? Display your home like the professionals!

Your home needs a little help getting back on trend. It might be tempting to start replacing furniture and painting walls but the flooring should be on the top of your list. Here is why you should consider changing your carpets in Brisbane.

The Ins And Outs Of Carpet—There Is More To Know Than You Realise

Not everyone possesses the skills required to create a perfect-looking home. It takes training, an eye for detail and, more often than not, a lot of money to pull off a display-home atmosphere. By implementing these tips your home will be display-home worthy but at a fraction of the price!

Is All Carpet The Same? Not Even Close!

In your average house, every room has the same old boring carpet. Stand out from the crowd and give your home a personal touch. Add different textures to incorporate a particular mood but take into account the durability of each type of carpet and the level of traffic it will encounter.

There are three main types of carpets—cut pile, loop pile and combination. Each one has its own purpose but the type(s) you require for your home will depend on your overall needs. Below you will find a more in-depth description of each and the varieties available.

Cut pile—This is luxurious to touch and offers a formal look for the room. The loops are cut at the top, which leaves fibres standing straight; as a result the carpet is softer and is unfortunately more susceptible to showing light and dark variations. Unlike the picture-perfect homes in magazines, this carpet also shows up vacuum cleaner tracks, which detracts from the display-home grandness.
Cut pile options include: plush pile, cut pile twist, Saxony, frieze, shag pile.

Loop pile—As the name suggests, this variety of carpet has loops, which remain uncut. While still maintaining a stylish appearance, it provides a more casual feel. Being heavy duty and more resistant to footprint tell-tales, it is well suited to high-traffic areas in your house.

Combination—This option is great for creating the illusion that a room is bigger than it is by adding distinctive patterns and different effects into your home. It offers a soft and smooth feel underfoot yet is hardwearing.

Choosing The Right Carpet For The Right Room

Each room in your house has a different atmosphere and overall appearance. Carpet should be chosen based on a few factors: purpose of the room, traffic that enters, if the room has outdoor access and who will be using it. Once you have considered all of these, you will have a better understanding of what your carpet needs to handle.

Bedrooms—Display homes showcase contemporary designs in their bedrooms, the master bedroom in particular. The most commonly used carpet in bedrooms is loop pile because of its soft and fluffy texture. It gives residents and guests the impression of luxury, all through the simple use of touch.

Colours—Grey is currently on trend for display home bedrooms. The shade ranges from light to mid-grey but it provides a comforting yet luxurious feel.
If your bedroom is small, a lighter colour will give the impression that it is larger, but keep in mind that a lighter colour it isn’t ideal if you have children, as stains can be more easily seen.

Living rooms—Due to the large amount of traffic that typically traipses through the living room, a more heavy-duty carpet is required. Cut pile is the most popular option for families due to its durability. It is hardwearing yet soft underfoot. At the end of a busy workday you want to sit down and feel the soft carpet on your feet.
For pet owners this is also a great option because claws do not get caught in any loops.

Colours—Medium to dark colours are commonly used as they give larger rooms a more intimate feel. Darker colours also mask stains; however, lint is more noticeable against darker colours.
Avoid installing white carpet in high-traffic zones, particularly if you have children. Speckled carpets are a great alternative because they will disguise dirt in the light and dark colour combination.

Hallways/entries—Similarly to living rooms, cut pile is the most commonly used option. Hallways are generally high-traffic areas that lead to several different rooms, therefore will require a more durable carpet.

Where possible, try to keep the adjoining rooms the same colour as the hallway. This will create flow throughout the house.
Entries are typically tiled; however some people opt for carpet in this space. In this case it is a great idea to install any stripes in the carpet down the length of the entry for an elongated look.

It Isn’t All Black And White

Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as choosing the perfect colour and the right type of carpet. There are a few other factors that should be considered:

Sunlight—Be aware of how much sunlight enters the room throughout the day. This can potentially cause premature fading of your carpet. A lighter colour, grey for example, may be a good option if lots of sunlight enters the room in question.

Cleaning—Carpets in Brisbane should be cleaned by a professional at least once every 12 months, with lighter coloured carpets needing steam cleaning every six to nine months to avoid stains. Consider how often you want to professionally clean your carpets when choosing your carpet.

Colour match—Take swatches of your wall paint and trims when you look at carpet options. This will give you a better idea of how the colours will complement one another in your home.

To recreate a display-home design in your house, you should match colours to your existing décor. Carpet alone will not give the whole display-home package; however, installing the right carpets in Brisbane will provide your home with the comfortable and luxurious atmosphere you desire.

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