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Your Guide to Basic Carpet Care

Dirty carpet? Stained patches? Stop stressing and take action! Give your flooring the attention it needs before it’s too late!

Carpet is expensive and it needs to be looked after. Now is the time to learn the basics of carpet care before your flooring is too badly damaged to come back from.

There are several ways you can maintain healthy, fresh and clean carpets. It all starts with preventative care but continues even after spills and stains occur. These tips will help you prolong the life of your carpet with minimal effort!

Good Carpet Care Extends The Life Of Your Flooring

Caring for your carpets isn’t all about scrubbing marks. Maintenance should begin the day your carpet is installed. Many residents and homeowners aren’t aware that carpet can become damaged even without stains or added weight. Unfortunately, this lack of knowledge results in their carpet having a much shorter life expectancy. To ensure your carpet lasts, keep these carpet care tips in mind.

Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum

Regular vacuuming is key! Your carpet may appear to be clean but it is what you cannot see that is the problem. All the dust and dirt that settles in the carpet fibres builds up. This results in the fibres grinding and wearing thin.

Vacuuming under, around and behind furniture and rugs should be done thoroughly, as a large amount of dust accumulates and this will ultimately end in your carpet fibres being damaged and discoloured. Vacuuming should be performed daily to reduce accumulation of soil in your flooring. This is not only beneficial for your home’s cleanliness but also your health.

High Traffic Areas

Every house has high traffic areas and you will notice that these zones of the home will look worse for wear when compared to the rest of the carpet. These areas are typically living rooms, kids’ bedrooms, offices and hallways. This is due to the additional weight of furniture (TV units, lounge chairs, etc.) that damages and thins the carpet fibres.

You can help your carpet by regularly rearranging heavy items and moving the weight from just the one spot. Office chairs wreak havoc on carpet when rolled in and out of your desk and this quickly wears the carpet thin and results in tears. To prevent this type of damage, try investing in a plastic flooring protector mat under your office chair.

Regular Professional Carpet Cleans

Professional carpet cleaning is one of the sure-fire ways to keep your carpet in the best possible condition. Carpet cleaners are trained to know what each and every carpet needs to bring it back to life. They specialise in removing the dirt, hair and grime settled deep in the carpet that grinds away at the fibres. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner offers many benefits for your carpet.

A professional will treat stains and discolouring caused by high traffic and they will be able to assist your carpet in feeling lighter, fluffier and softer underfoot. Your carpet should be professionally cleaned at minimum once every twelve months. If you have children or animals, your carpets will require more frequent steam cleans to benefit cleanliness and longevity. Every 6 months is an effective period to maintain your carpets in these circumstances.

Clean Spills And Treat Stains Immediately

As much as you try and be careful, accidents happen. It is often confusing to know how to treat and remove spills from your carpet without causing further damage. Here a few common spills and how you can effectively remove them.

TIP: The longer a spill goes untreated on your carpet, the more likely it will become a continuing problem.

  • Orange juice – Act immediately! With a clean cloth, dab the orange juice with a mixture of 1 part white vinegar and 2 parts warm water until gone. Wash with cold water and let dry.
  • Red wine – Quickly pour white wine over the spill (this will dilute the red wine colour reducing the risk of permanent stains) and gently dab with a cloth. Repeat until no more colour is being removed. You should then cover the stain in salt and only vacuum it once it has dried.
  • Vomit – Unfortunately this is a reality if you have children but it doesn’t mean your carpets will be ruined. Most vomit can be successfully removed by dabbing the area with warm soapy water. If this is unsuccessful, cover the mess with baking soda and dab with a dry cloth. Vacuum up the residue once dry.
  • Playdough / silly putty – This is not what you want to have stuck in your carpet but kids will be kids! Some commercial playdoughs include information about removing dough from surfaces on the back of the tub. If this fails to work, try this: let the playdough dry out and go hard. This will make it easier to pick out. If you don’t have time to wait for it to dry, freeze it with an ice cube and scrape it out. If there are any remnants left, follow up with your carpet cleaner. Do not wet the playdough It will only make a bigger mess.

Sun Damage And Fading

This is a real concern if you have dark carpets and a lot of direct sunlight entering your house. You can reduce the amount of sun damage by installing awnings on exterior windows and closing curtains and blinds throughout the day. If you do not have the option of reducing the hours of high sun impact, consider a lighter coloured carpet so that any fading will be less noticeable.

Carpets are an expensive investment and should be treated as such. If you do not effectively remove and prevent dirt build up in your flooring, you may cause irreversible damage. By providing your carpet with regular, practical carpet care you will prolong the life of your flooring and ultimately save money. To keep your carpet in optimal condition, follow these tips!

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